Koolance has a variety of universal and custom designed water cooling blocks to cool just about any component in your PC. For assistance choosing the right cooler, check out one of Koolance's many information pages.



Accessories (15)

Accessories for Koolance cold plates



CPU (4)

Koolance microfin CPU blocks are among the best performing (and best looking) water cooling blocks in the world. They're designed with high versatility for mounting a number of different socket types and use corrosion resistant nickel plating.


Hard Drive

Hard Drive (3)

These blocks extend liquid cooling to hard disk drives. Cooling hard drives can help reduce PCB and spindle temperatures. Each cooler supports up to two hard drives (with or without an additional kit).



Memory (1)

While other RAM coolers only run water along the top of a memory stick, Koolance memory water blocks place liquid within 2 millimeters of every chip for the highest degree of cooling. They also mount individual DIMM sticks for compatibility with most RAM types and configuration.



Motherboard (3)

Full-coverage motherboard water blocks are custom engineered for specific mainboard models. Koolance universal blocks are designed to mount northbridge chipsets and voltage regulators (also referred to as: VRMs, VRegs, or MOSFETS) for many different boards.


Video Card

Video Card (9)

Koolance microfin video card water blocks are known for their high performance and quality. As with other full-coverage water blocks, they're designed to fit specific VGA graphics cards and cover all major heat-producing regions. Universal GPU coolers are also available for even the hottest of cards, many of which use identical high-efficiency microfin designs.