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Full-coverage motherboard water blocks are custom engineered for specific mainboard models. Koolance universal blocks are designed to mount northbridge chipsets and voltage regulators (also referred to as: VRMs, VRegs, or MOSFETS) for many different boards.

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CHC-122 Water Block (Motherboard Chipset)
The CHC-122 has improved heat transfer over the earlier CHC-120. It is designed to provide high efficiency liquid cooling for motherboard northbridge chipsets. Versatile mounting hardware allows the CHC-122 to cool almost all types of mainboards, ...
$42.99 $36.95
MVR Heat Transfer Plate, 72mm
Heat transfer plate for Koolance MVR-40 VReg water block. Dimensions = 72mm x 16mm (2.84" x 0.63"). Nickel-plated copper. Heat transfer material included.
$9.49 $4.95