Privacy Policy

Koolance Privacy Policy v2018.5.1

Personal Data

In order to provide our services, Koolance collects a limited amount of personal data. We collect your first name, last name, email, telephone, fax number, shipping address, billing address, shipping account numbers and comments as you provide them for the purpose of completing orders and RMA requests placed on our website, or maintaining correspondence initiated by you. We also collect your IP address for the purpose of maintaining the security of our network infrastructure.

Your Rights

We respect your right to decide what data you share with us. You have the right to be informed about what data we collect, the right to view your personal data we hold, the right to have erroneous data corrected, the right to have your personal data deleted where it is lawful and feasible, the right to restrict our processing of your data, the right to receive copies of your data or have it sent to entities of your choosing, and the right to object to our handling of your data. If you object, you are free to inform us of your objection. We will honor your requests regarding your data where possible. A reasonable fee may be charged if a request requires an excessive amount of effort to complete.


We consider your personal data private and take necessary precautions to protect it from eavesdropping and tampering. When submitting data through our website, your data is encrypted via a secure HTTPS (TLS) connection. Your data is stored on our servers using industry standard security practices. We also operate other security measures on our equipment to protect your data including firewalls, breach detection and anti-virus. In the event of a breach we will take steps to inform you what data was leaked and potential implications as soon as possible. Any type of breach is taken seriously and we will take immediate action to find the source of the breach and apply preventative measures.

Retention Period

Your personal data is stored with us only as long as necessary. After receiving your data, multiple copies are kept for disaster recovery purposes. If you request your data be deleted, we will remove it from our currently active systems, though some data may remain in archived backups. In the event we need to restore a backup, your data will also be removed at that time. In certain cases we may need to keep some of your data for legal or tax purposes. To comply with US corporate tax regulations we may keep your data for up to 7 years.

Sharing Your Data

We will only share your data with entities you request of us or with those which we require to complete your request. We do not sell your data. When sharing your data we only share what is necessary and make sure that is done in a secure environment through an encrypted TLS connection. Most commonly we share data with shipping companies (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc) for the purposes of shipping orders. Credit card information is not stored on our servers and is only sent to our credit card processor. We respect your request to not be tracked. In the event that you allow tracking we collect anonymized data via Google Analytics in order help monitor and improve our website.


We will only communicate with you if you request it from us or to facilitate orders placed with us. We will only send you periodic emails if you optionally subscribe to our mailing list. You must opt-in to subscribe; we do not add you automatically.