Apr 11, 2018CPU-400 Reviewed at Extreme Rigs [Link]
Extreme Rigs has reviewed Koolance's new CPU-400 water block:

The performance has increased and the CPU-400 holds the honor of the single best thermal result of all time... This is our new recommended block to buy for Intel setups.

Sep 7, 2017PC Perspective Reviews the CPU-390CI Water Block [Link]
It scored a top spot when paired with the overclocked Haswell-E processor, an impressive feat given [its] high-performance competitors.
Aug 18, 2016CPU-390 Reviewed at Extreme Rigs [Link]
For those shopping for a new CPU block, Extreme Rigs has a review of the Koolance CPU-390:

The CPU-390i sits at the top of the table... Because this is a top performing block... we feel it’s justified in receiving the Extreme Rigs Gold Award!

Mar 11, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the Koolance VID-NX980 [Link]
Koolance's full coverage block for the NVIDIA GTX 980 was reviewed by Stren:

A very good performance... Honestly the best quality block I’ve ever seen from Koolance.
Feb 2, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the RP-452X2 Bay Reservoir [Link]
Xtreme Rigs reviews Koolance's popular and reliable RP-452X2 single/dual pump reservoir:

This is the best dual D5 pump/reservoir combo that we’ve ever seen. The quality and flexibility are amazing... If you need something like this then this is the best choice.

Dec 9, Reviews a Koolance Kit [Link] has reviewed an easy, low-cost kit from Koolance featuring the CPU-380I, PMP-300 pump and reservoir, and HX-CU420V radiator (translated):

The performance was better than expected, and this little cooler fought a good fight to keep my 5820K cool under pressure... The price is in my view absolutely fair, because you really do get what you pay for. Quality across the board. Koolance has proven their worth, and they have done it with style. Therefore, I can not do anything but give the system here today 9.5 + one Editor's Choice Award.

Oct 22, 2014Proclockers Reviews INS-FM18D Flow Meter [Link]
The Koolance INS-FM18D flow meter with display has been reviewed by Proclockers:

The Koolance INS-FM18D Coolant Flow Meter with Display is [a] simple and effective tool... It is also small enough to fit just about anywhere... We will be adding it to our tool set for future water cooling testing.
Dec 17, 2012Martin Reviews the PMP-500 Pump [Link]
The PMP-500 does most things outstandingly well. It has a great price, build quality, g1/4 barb compatibility, built in heat-sink, and about double the power of the PMP-450 all while actually getting smaller in size. The hydraulic performance is nothing short of amazing and can push through pretty much any build out there... King of 12V single pump performance.
Dec 12, 2012PureOC Reviews the CPU-380I [Link]
Astonishingly, the Koolance CPU-380 outperforms all of today’s top blocks in both single and dual pump configurations... Koolance’s CPU-380I is an all-around great water block that has a sleek and robust design... Overall there’s a lot to like about the Koolance CPU-380I.

Nov 21, 2011VID-NX580 Water Block at Legit Reviews [Link]
Switching over to the Koolance VID-NX580 block the maximum temperature was only 36C or 7C above the idle temperature. This surely highlights the power of water cooling on computer components by reducing the heat by 38C or 105% better cooling...

Sports car looks with cooling performance to match means that if you are running a GTX 570 or GTX 580 the Koolance VID-NX580 is the card you should own.

Jul 11, Reviews the Koolance RP-401X2 Reservoir [Link]
I wouldn’t have figured it’s possible, but two DDCs in a single depth 5-1/4″ drive bay is certainly possible and Koolance has shown us so via the RP401x2. This takes and combines essentially four otherwise independent components and routes them in an exceptionally convenient and powerful package.
Jun 30, 2011Bjorn3D reviews the CPU-370 [Link]
The Koolance CPU-370 water block delivers outstanding performance and looks good in the act and for that we give it a rating of 9/10 and [it] gets the Bjorn3D Golden Bear Award!

Jun 6, Reviews the CPU-370 [Link]
As we can see from the thermal results, the Koolance CPU-370 posted the best results amongst all competitors, proving extremely efficient in handling a CPU running at 5GHz... In terms of performance, the Koolance CPU-370 is killer, and is the best we've seen to date in our testing.

Apr 24, 2011Skinneelabs Reviews the Koolance CPU-370 [Link] reviews the Koolance CPU-370 water block with latest 1.5mm wide slit midplate.

Overall, the Koolance CPU-370 is a great performer on many levels: thermally it’s great, it’s not particularly restrictive, it makes tremendous contact, and it has a simple and robust mounting system that results in consistent mounts. The CPU-360 was my favorite block of 2010 and the CPU-370 is undoubtedly better–it makes big steps forward in contact quality and that brings a big improvement in thermals. Even when contact is taken out of the equation (with Indigo Xtreme), there’s a noticeable improvement with the internals as well, likely from the 1.5mm injection plate.
Apr 10, reviews the CPU-370 [Link]
The Koolance CPU-370 with newly shipping 1.5mm wide slit midplate has been reviewed by

It feels more like taking apart a Swiss watch than taking apart a mass produced block... Performance wise I couldn’t be happier, the attention to detail in the areas where it really counts is above and beyond.
Mar 27, 2011CTR-SPD10 Speed Controller Reviewed at [Link]
Martin's Liquid Lab reviews the Koolance CTR-SPD10 (8-13V) pump speed controller:

Overall I am very happy with this controller, particularly for it's unique ability to not only provide a solid 12V which most fan controllers can't do, but also to increase it for an extra bump in performance.
Mar 8, 2011MaxPC Ranks Koolance's QDC's "The Greatest Water-Cooling Purchase Ever" [Link]
Maximum PC's April 2011 issue includes a custom build using Koolance's CPU-370 and quick disconnects:

... I determined Koolance's brand-new CPU-370 water block was dishing out the lowest system temperatures. I used this as the cooling basis for my custom-build system... ... Koolance's Quick Disconnects are hands-down the greatest invention that the water-cooling world has ever produced... I will never go back to barbs and clamps again.
Feb 13, 2011RP-452X2 and RP-402X2 Reviewed by Martin [Link]
Long-time liquid cooling enthusiast Martin puts the Koolance RP-452X2 and RP-402X2 dual bay, dual pump reservoirs through their paces:

This is by far the most well constructed and durable reservoir system I have personally had the pleasure of testing... What's not to like about taking four very difficult to place components and packaging them in one dual bay unit... Two pumps in series worked very well and scaled the single pump test 2:1 almost perfectly for head pressure.
Jul 6, 2010Maximum PC Reviews the Origin PC Genesis [Link]
The August issue of Maximum PC includes a review of Origin PC's Genesis system. Inside is an Intel 3.33GHz i7-980x (clocked to 4.5GHz) and tri-SLI GTX 480's, all liquid cooled using Koolance components.

To sum up, the Genesis now holds five benchmark records... So, color us impressed.
Jun 23, 2010Bjorn3d Reviews the Koolance VID-NX470 [Link]
The Koolance 470GTX water block fits anyone who wants a great looking water block with the best cooling capacity... Koolance takes a commanding lead over the competition in this portion of testing.

Jun 14, 2010PC Perspective Reviews Puget System's Deluge System [Link]
Puget System's Deluge, with an array of Koolance products like SLI GTX 480 and Core i7-980x liquid cooling, was reviewed by PC Perspective.

The Core i7-980X processor is overclocked to 4.0 GHz but remains well under danger temperatures thanks to another Koolance water block... As I am sure you can imagine, having a 6-core system overclocked to 4.0 GHz with a pair of GeForce GTX 480s puts this Puget Systems build among the fastest computers we have ever seen.
May 24, 2010VID-NX480 (GTX 480) Triple-SLI Video Review by Trubritar [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance VID-NX480 full coverage video block with a triple-SLI configuration.

Mar 19, 2010Pure OC Reviews the VID-AR587 (HD 5870) [Link] reviews the Koolance VID-AR587 water block for the ATI Radeon HD 5870.

The Koolance VID-AR587 does an excellent job in keeping the critical graphics card components running cool... we love the Koolance VID-AR587, and if you're looking for a full coverage GPU block for your Radeon 5870 then we certainly recommend this one.

Mar 19, 2010CNET Reviews Origin's Liquid Cooled Genesis [Link]
Origin PC was recently awarded Editor's Choice by CNET for the Genesis, a system which uses Koolance liquid cooling.

Fastest gaming performance we've seen... the Origin Genesis won us over with its case
Mar 15, 2010CPU-360 Review by Trubritar [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance CPU-360 water block:

So, would I recommend the CPU-360 to anyone who wants to water cool a CPU or upgrade their existing Koolance system? I would have to say, 'absolutely'! The CPU-360 is '100% Trubritar-Approved'.

Feb 15, Reviews Origin's Liquid Cooled Genesis [Link]
Origin PC was recently awarded a recommendation for best performance with the Genesis, a system using Koolance liquid cooling.

All the system configurations we tested qualify as fast, but Origin's Genesis waves at fast while rocketing past it in the left-hand lane.

Dec 30, 2009VID-AR597 (HD 5970) Review! [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance VID-AR597 water block:

The Koolance VID-AR597 GPU water block is a high-performance, precision-engineered cooling solution for the monstrous ATI HD 5970 dual GPU graphics card. ... a must-have for the ATI 5970 gaming or overclocking enthusiast.

Dec 10, 2009Skinnee Labs Reviews Koolance Quick-Disconnects [Link]
Skinnee reviews the Koolance VL3, VL3N, and VL4 quick disconnect shutoff nozzles:

...the VL3 only resulted in a 0.3GPM reduction on the test loop. ... my own favorite of the round up is the Koolance VL3N's. ... The VL3N's will be finding their home on my bench that's for sure.

Dec 9, 2009VID-NX295S (GTX 295) Review [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance VID-NX295N water block for the NVIDIA GTX 295 (single board) video card.

Sep 14, 2009Koolance ERM-3K4U5 Liquid cooling System [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance five-pump, multi-computer cooling system, the ERM-3K4U5!