Sep 4, 2009Skinnee Labs Compares the CPU-350 to 3rd-Party Blocks [Link]
The Koolance CPU-350 takes the honor of having the best performance, and by a noticeable amount. ... the Koolance CPU-350 is king of the i7.

May 20, 2009EVGA X58 Classified NB Cooling Tests & Benchmark [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance MB-EVX58CF water block for the EVGA X58 Classified motherboard.

Mar 11, 2009GTX295 Waterblock Installation (VID-NX295) [Link]
Trubritar has posted an installation video for the Koolance VID-NX295 GeForce GTX 295 water block.

Feb 18, 2009Koolance VID-NX295 GPU Waterblock [Link]
Trubritar reviews the Koolance VID-NX295 GeForce GTX 295 water block... cooled by a Koolance ERM-3K4U5!

Feb 9, 2009Koolance CPU-350 Versus Competitors [Link]
Trubritar has posted a performance video of Koolance's CPU-350 versus other competitor water blocks. The processor used is an Intel Core i7 965 Extreme running at 3.2GHz.

Jan 5, reviews the Koolance VID-487 (HD 4870) [Link]
So, would I recommend the Koolance VID-487 to someone looking to water cool their reference HD 4870? Heck yes, I would. Its build quality is great, the thing looks fantastic, and it’s built thin enough that most any sort of CrossFire system shouldn’t be a problem.

Dec 8, 2008Trubritar Reviews the CPU-345 [Link]
Trubritar has posted a video review of the new Koolance CPU-345, including installation and temperatures on an Intel Core I7 965.

Dec 2, Reviews the VID-487X2 (Radeon HD 4870 X2) [Link]
Bjorn3d has reviewed the Koolance VID-487X2 water cooling block.

Having no other real way of cooling our HD4870x2's, we needed a solution that allows us, the user, run our computer's not only cool but also quietly. The Koolance VID487X2 does exactly that. It can be extremely quiet (depending on the fans used on the radiators) and it can cool the HD4870X2 [extremely] well. At the same time, it adds some serious "bling" to our internal components. The Koolance VID487X2 water block is, in one word, beautiful in both performance and in looks.

Sep 15, 2008Trubritar Reviews the Koolance VID-487X2 Waterblock [Link]
Trubritar has posted overclocking performance of the HD 4870 X2 with the Koolance VID-487X2 water cooling block!

Jul 29, 2008Trubritar's VID-428 (GTX 260/280) Installation Video [Link]
Trubritar has created a handy video detailing the disassembly of a stock NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280, followed by the installation of a Koolance VID-428 water cooling block.

Jul 24, 2008Trubritar VID-428 (GTX 280) 3-Way SLI Performance & Installation Video [Link]
Trubritar has posted a 3-Way SLI performance and installation video on Koolance's VID-428 blocks setup for triple NVIDIA GTX 280 video cards.

Jul 22, 2008HardOCP Reviews the Koolance 1300/1700W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply [Link]
HardOCP has reviewed the PSU-1300ATX-12N water cooled power supply:

The build quality of the Koolance 1300w is overall excellent and awe inspiring. Quite simply the Koolance 1300w reminds me of a [time] when quality construction of products that showed care and commitment was key to manufacturers... Koolance has quite literally crafted what is the most impressively built power supply we have seen to date by continuing with their trend of making power supply products work with their expertise of liquid cooling.

Jun 23, 2008Trubritar CPU-340 Installation & Cooling Performance Video (QX9770 @ 3.2G) [Link]
Trubritar has posted an installation and performance video of Koolance's CPU-340 water block. The processor used is an Intel Quad-Core QX9770 running at 3.2GHz.

Jun 17, 2008Trubritar's Crysis Record Run 83+ FPS 9800 GTX Vs GX2 [Link]
An OC shootout between the NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX and 9800GX2, both water cooled by Koolance.

Jun 17, 2008Virtual Hideout Compares the CPU-340 and CPU-330 [Link]
The new changes have really helped increase its cooling performance. It easily cooled the CPU by more than 4 degrees over the CPU-330. The cooling performance is on part with that of the DangerDen MC-TDX and D-Tek Fuzion CPU Coolers. The nickel design looks excellent as always and compliments the performance for those serious about their CPU cooling blocks.

Jun 4, 2008Trubritar VID-398 (9800 GTX) 3-Way SLI Performance Video [Link]
Trubritar has posted a 3-Way SLI performance video on Koolance's VID-398 block for NVIDIA 9800 GTX video cards.

Jun 4, 2008Trubritar VID-398GX2 (9800 GX2) Installation and Performance Video [Link]
Trubritar has posted a helpful installation and performance video on Koolance's VID-398GX2 water block for the NVIDIA 9800 GX2 video card. Disassembly of this card can be a little more complicated than usual.

May 27, Reviews the CPU-340, VID-282, HX-1320, and Others [Link]
The CPU block performed very well compared to Intel's massive air cooler. The GPU block demonstrated very impressive temperature drops. The GPU block alone is enough to make one want to switch to the Koolance system.
May 21, Forum User Review of the VID-398GX2 [Link]
Long-time XS forum-goer Victor Wang reviews Koolance's VID-398GX2 water block (for the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GX2). with 100% fan speed, can only run 750mhz in the same condition. but now...100% stable at 800/1100mhz with Koolance watercooling
Apr 9, Reviews the CPU-330 [Link]
Performance with a quad core overclocked can achieve great results, my temps are in check and 100% stable... I wish I purchased two Koolance blocks for my Skulltrail now...
Nov 7, 2007PC Perspective Reviews the CPU-330 and VID-282 [Link]
The Koolance CPU-330 cooling block lowered full load CPU temperatures by more than 25°C with essentially the same noise as the stock air cooler. The 8800 GTX video card also ran significantly cooler with the VID-282 cooling block as compared to the stock air cooler. In fact the GPU full load temperatures while being water-cooled with the Koolance waterblock were virtually the same as the idle temperatures on air. Very kool!

Apr 13, 2007Virtual-Hideout - Koolance CPU-330 & CHC-120 Water Blocks [Link]
These blocks are designed to cool any processor with great results and will make a great addition to your current water cooling system and given the new pricing across most of Koolance's product lines, both the Koolance CPU-330 and CHC-120-V10 are excellent buys making new Koolance water cooling systems more affordable than ever.

Mar 28, 2007Tom's Hardware - Beginner's Guide to WaterCooling Your PC [Link]
(This article highlights various Koolance systems and blocks, such as: Exos-2 LX, CPU-330, CHC-120, and PSU-1200ATX-12S power supply.)

Oct 2, 2006Virtual-Hideout - Koolance EHX-1050SL External Water Cooling Kit (& Blocks) [Link]
What you get is a high quality product designed to work with any system whether its an internet only computer or an extreme gaming system... The EHX should easily please the most avid user demanding results from their kit.

Sep 11, - Koolance PC4-1025BK [Link]
The Koolance PC4-1025 combines an advanced liquid cooling system with an elegant enclosure that is sure to please even the most demanding enthusiast. You will be hard pressed to build a more capable system from scratch. The PC4-1025 Liquid Cooling System delivers excellent performance, advanced features, and modern styling in a self-contained and easy to install system.

Jul 30, 2006MaximumPC - Koolance Exos-LT [Link]
The Exos-LT is about as "plug-and-play" as it gets. Just install it, set it to profile 1, and never think about it again. It cools well, it's quiet, sports awesome features, and looks bitchin'.

Mar 7, 2006HardOCP - Koolance PC4-1020BK 1kW Series [Link]
With the ability to dial in the exact performance to noise ratio that suits your needs it would be hard not to find a Koolance PC4 configuration that works well for you. The PC4 series from Koolance is a solidly designed unit that delivers exactly what it promises and possible a bit more.

Aug 25, 2005MaximumPC - Koolance Aquian ICM-505 [Link]
The Aquian is a revelation in that it's an internal water-cooling kit that offers the same level of performance as an external unit without having a big-honkin' radiator and fan outside your case.

Aug 8, 2005ExtremeMHZ - Koolance Aquian ICM-505 [Link]
The Koolance Aquian is a well-designed liquid cooling system primarily for those enthusiasts who simply can't part with their case and would like an internal solution.

Aug 7, 2005Gruntville - Koolance Exos-2 [Link]
Koolance has taken years of experience and has virtually perfected the PC Liquid Cooling system for both novices and experts. The sharp, clean looks combined with top notch design and workmanship have combined to create a product that we here at GruntvillE have no problem recommending.