Jul 19, 2005PC Perspective - Koolance Exos-2 (& Blocks) [Link]
Koolance has taken a great product and made it even better! The new Exos-2 Liquid Cooling System delivers increased performance, advanced features, and modern styling in a self-contained, easy to install, external enclosure. Using the Koolance CPU-300-V10 and GPU-180-L06 waterblocks with the Exos-2 produced better operating temperatures than even the best CPU and video card air coolers on the market.

Jul 11, 2005SystemCooling - Koolance Aquian ICM-505 (& Blocks) [Link]
Koolance delivers! The Aquian ICM-505+CPU liquid cooling system proved easy to install and performed better than any other high-performance, air-cooled heatsink fan I have tested. The ICM-505 takes many of the strengths and features from other Koolance products and packages them into an internal system. The overall fit-n-finish is excellent and all of the necessary parts and accessories are included.

Jul 7, 2005MaximumPC - Koolance Exos-2 [Link]
Its overclocking performance was also stellar. The Exos 2 let us ratchet up our P4 3.6GHz to 4.25GHz...

Jul 1, 2005Legit Reviews - Koolance Exos-2 [Link]
..if you are looking for the best water cooling solution on the market, the Koolance Exos-2 definitely should be tops on a very short list. With a great looking external kit, a wide variety of water blocks, and Koolance's vast experience in the field, the Exos-2 won't disappoint.

Mar 18, 2005ExtremeMHz - Koolance PC3-720BK [Link]
Koolance has really outdone themselves with their new PC3-720BK case. Not only do they address some of the major and minor issues we had with their previous product, but they have taken their product to the next level, offering superior performance as well as features to satisfy even the most hardcore enthusiast or case modder.

Mar 18, 2005Hardware/Gamers Hell - Koolance Exos-2 [Link]
With the EXOS 2, you are getting a wicked cooling system that is far better than almost anything else out there, and you're getting it for a price that won't break the bank. What more can I say? Must have hardware.

Feb 6, 2005SystemCooling - Koolance PC3-725BK (& Blocks) [Link]
As impressive as the cooling performance is, the silence is just as nice. In auto mode, the cooling system never got loud enough to hear over the rest of the system, particularly the PSU fan.

Dec 20, 2004ViperLair - Koolance PC3-720SL [Link]
Overall, Koolance has a very impressive kit in the PC3-720 and is definitely worth considering if you're interested in an easy to use water-cooling setup. Performance is very good, and the case aesthetics are top notch in our opinion. Pricing is something we do have a problem with as aluminum case aside, this is an expensive setup.

Sep 30, 2004Exos-Al Reviewed at [Link]
... Koolance has shown that it manufacturers some of the finest external watercooling kits currently available. Excellence in ease of use and cooling performance is enough for the Exos-Al kit to receive a coveted HEXUS recommendation.

Sep 16, 2004Exos-Al Review at [Link]
The Reserator 1 and Silent Stream provide decent cooling but the Exos-Al whips them by 8°C [14.4°F] and greater when the CPU is at full load... The Exos-Al brings the best of both words - quiet cooling and superb cooling performance - together in one, easy to install, safe, and mobile external unit, topping it off with a stylish aluminum finish. Koolance products have been known to be high quality, and the Exos-Al is a perfect example.

Aug 4, 2004HardOCP Reviews the Exos-Al [Link]
In addition to our reviews, we personally use several Koolance EXOS units on all our mainboard / CPU test beds here in our review facilities. So to say we are familiar with Koolance would be an understatement to say the least... Bottom line is that if you are in the market for a all-in-one water cooling solution there simply is no better option than the EXOS or EXOS Al.

Aug 4, 2004PC Extreme Magazine - Exos Review

September '04 issue of PC Extreme Magazine features the Koolance Exos with Armari's T64NV-LQX system:

...we decided to give the system one last punishment - the Prime95 stress test in bleed mode, to check for stablility. We left this running for the rest of the day (about 5 hours) and saw a temperature increase of only 5°C from the 30°C idle temperature.
Jul 28, 2004Trusted Reviews and the Exos-Al [Link]
The Koolance Exos-Al was reviewed with Armari's T64-LQX system.
Jun 22, 2004CustomPC Magazine - "Peace of Mind for Your Dual Xeons" [Link]

The Koolance Exos-Al was recently given CustomPC's "Premium Grade" award for product excellence in the upcoming July '04 issue. The unit was configured and supplied by Armari:

Not only is the Koolance Exos a hell of a lot quicker to set up than the Swiftech 22501 Extreme... it's also better at dissipating the heat from two fully loaded Xeon processors.

Apr 9, 2004First PC2-650 Reviewed by ExtremeMhz [Link]
I was thoroughly impressed with the new Koolance PC2-650. They have focused more on the overall design this time around and the new high tech look is sure to please both the overclocker and the case modding community.

Apr 2, 2004Koolance CPU and GPU Waterblock Review [Link]
Both blocks gave great results and are very well constructed. The results I received with these blocks were impressive... And the bases on these units, simply amazing.

Mar 29, 2004Koolance GPU-180-L06 GPU Water Block [Link]
When we reviewed the CPU-300-V10, we were thrilled with the performance as well as the ease of use and the quality of the block. With the GPU-180-L06, we have more of the same. The unit performed flawlessly, provided excellent cooling, and is as easy to install as any block we've ever used.

Mar 19, 2004Koolance CPU-300-V10 Water Block [Link]
If you're putting together a water cooling system, or are planning to upgrade your CPU block, the Koolance CPU-300-V10 should be among the top of your list. Performance was excellent, but the ease of use and build quality are the real stars here.

Mar 16, 2004Koolance Exos Aluminum [Link]
...There is no doubt that Koolance has done a fantastic job perfecting what was already an amazing water-cooling unit. The EXOS is not only lighter and better looking but it is more refined...

Mar 11, 2004Koolance CPU-300-V13 1/2" DIY Waterblock [Link]
...The overall performance was very good. I recommend this cooler to people who are looking for a good quality waterblock with a simple mounting mechanism...

Feb 28, 2004Koolance Exos-Al [Link]
...Koolance did a remarkable job of optimizing flow-rate in the entire package, and the end result was better-than-expected performance. The CPU-300-H06 was one of the reasons why I believe the kit did well...

Feb 15, 2004Koolance CPU-300-V10 Waterblock [Link]
It's ease of use and performance definitely put it in the top echelon of water blocks on the market today, and if you're in the market for a great-performing water block for your water cooling system, the CPU-300 should definitely be on your short list.

Feb 4, 2004Koolance Exos Aluminum & Blocks [Link]
Overall, I am very impressed with the Exos Aluminum. The unit is very attractive, and the brushed aluminum finish is striking. The Exos proved to be extremely easy to set up and use, great for a new enthusiast ..... or a veteran seeking simplicity! The GPU-180-L06 dramatically dropped GPU temps, and did so without significantly impacting CPU cooling. If you are running a 1/4" ID cooling loop, and a scorching hot GPU, this little block may be just what you need! The performance is simply stellar. If you are looking to build a 3/8" DIY water cooling loop, this cooler should be on your short list. I truly look forward to seeing how the V13 (1/2" ID) block performs, once it is released. I expect really good things.

May 13, 2003Koolance Exos External WaterCooler [Link]
The EXOS turned in very impressive numbers. Even when I overclocked a full 540mhz above stock speeds, it still was not remotely stressed, and never needed to resort to full fan power.

May 11, 2003Koolance Exos Watercooling [Link]
...CPU temp never got over 40°c and stressed it never rose above 45°c!! Remember that I hate noise and I still have the Koolance fans running @ only 45% power!!... Pretty impressive for an all-in-one water-cooling solution no?

Feb 1, 2003Extreme Cooling [Link]
...the Exos was the best-performing water-cooling system we've ever tested.

Feb 1, 2003Bit-Tech: Koolance PC2-601 [Link] is clear that the Koolance is a potent cooling solution, significantly out performing the best air cooling and offering excellent overclocking potential. All this with the added benefit of doing it quietly. Also, taking into account the ease of use and the quality enclosure makes for an excellent "off the shelf" cooling solution for the serious overclocker wanting to enter the water cooling arena.

Jan 1, 2003Koolance Exos External Liquid Cooling System & CPU-200 [Link]
Koolance has made great strides with the Exos. The unit is very easy to install. It provides good performance, better than the leading air cooler on the market... Hence, the awarding of OCAddiction's "OCA Recommended"! Grats Koolance...