Liquid Cooling Solutions
Koolance is an ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 manufacturer specializing in custom liquid cooling solutions. We offer tailored engineering and custom product development to meet your specific requirements. We also provide cold plates, sub-assemblies, heat exchangers, chillers, liquid-air cooling systems, pumps, quick connect fittings, and other components involved in ambient and sub-ambient water cooling systems.
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Apr 26, 2024New Flow Meter & Temperature Display
Now available is the DCB-FMTP01 display for Koolance flow meters and thermistor temperature sensors. It is compatible with all current flow meter models, including the hall effect INS-FM17H. The display has a configurable audio alarm, and an adjustable flow rate pulse factor for potential support of 3rd-party flow meters.
Mar 20, 2024TLH-300 Thermoelectric Chiller Available
For cooling and heating applications demanding high temperature precision, Koolance has released the TLH-300 TEC chiller. With a temperature accuracy of +/-0.1ºC, it is rated for 300W of cooling (with a 0ºC liquid-ambient delta), and includes heating capabilities.
Aug 1, 2023INS-FM17H Hall Effect Flow Meter
Koolance has released its first flow meter using a hall effect sensor for 3rd-party applications, model INS-FM17H.
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