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Koolance is an ISO 9001 manufacturer specializing in custom liquid cooling solutions. We offer tailored engineering to customize our products to meet your specific requirements. We also provide cold plates, sub-assemblies, heat exchangers, chillers, liquid-air cooling systems, pumps, quick connect fittings, and other components involved in ambient and sub-ambient water cooling systems. (Learn More)

Extreme Rigs has reviewed Koolance's new CPU-400 water block:

The performance has increased and the CPU-400 holds the honor of the single best thermal result of all time... This is our new recommended block to buy for Intel setups.

Koolance has released its best performance water block to date for Intel and AMD processors.
Koolance has released new quick disconnects for high pressure applications. QD1H, QD2H, QD3H, and QD4H maintain their no-spill feature when disconnected at pressures up to 10kgf/cm2 (142psi). These series are not physically compatible with earlier versions.
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