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Feb 20, 2019Backorders Now Accepted
Out-of-stock products and quantities can now be backordered through When the items are ready to ship, an email will be sent out to complete payment. Due to this, there are currently some limits placed on the total amount which can be backordered. A pre-deposit option is being developed to enable higher backordering limits.
Nov 28, 2018Koolance ISO 14001 Certification
In addition to ISO 9001, Koolance has now been certified for ISO 14001 (Environmental management system).
Sep 24, 2018CTR-KSM100 Hardware+Software Controller Now Available
CTR-KSM100 is a liquid cooling system controller with both hardware and software interfaces. It incorporates a 2-line OLED display for user control and feedback, and a USB port for configuration and logging via the Koolance System Monitor application. Output power for 12V and 24V pumps is supported.
Apr 11, 2018CPU-400 Reviewed at Extreme Rigs
Extreme Rigs has reviewed Koolance's new CPU-400 water block:

The performance has increased and the CPU-400 holds the honor of the single best thermal result of all time... This is our new recommended block to buy for Intel setups.

Mar 26, 2018CPU-400 Now Available!
Koolance has released its best performance water block to date for Intel and AMD processors.
Sep 18, 2017High Pressure Quick Disconnects
Koolance has released new quick disconnects for high pressure applications. QD1H, QD2H, QD3H, and QD4H maintain their no-spill feature when disconnected at pressures up to 10kgf/cm2 (142psi). These series are not physically compatible with earlier versions.
Sep 7, 2017PC Perspective Reviews the CPU-390CI Water Block
It scored a top spot when paired with the overclocked Haswell-E processor, an impressive feat given [its] high-performance competitors.
Mar 31, 2017VLX-450 Chiller Subassembly Now Available
VLX-450 is a ready-to-integrate, inline, open frame chiller rated at 450W of cooling with a 0°C liquid-ambient delta. It is designed simply to be dropped into an existing cooling loop, which will move coolant through its stainless steel plate heat exchanger.
Mar 16, 2017New Modular ALX Cooling Systems Launched
Koolance's ALX series are powerful liquid cooling systems with expandable thermal capacities and software logging. ALX systems have up to twice the thermal capacity of previous Koolance ambient liquid cooling systems for the same heat exchanger size. As modular products, the radiator and pump units can be individually upgraded if requirements later change.
Feb 28, 2017CPU-390 Gets Support for AMD Socket AM4
Koolance CPU-390A and CPU-390CA water blocks now include support for AMD's socket AM4 (Ryzen, etc.). For existing owners of CPU-390, a separate upgrade kit is available to add compatibility.
Jan 11, 2017MD&M West Medical Expo Feb. 7-9
Koolance will be exhibiting at the MD&M West medical technology exhibition at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA from Feb. 7-9th. Our location is Hall D, Booth # 2374.

Aug 17, 2016Acrylic Top GTX 1070/1080
Koolance has released an acrylic-top version of its GeForce GTX 1070/1080 full-coverage video block.
Aug 18, 2016CPU-390 Reviewed at Extreme Rigs
For those shopping for a new CPU block, Extreme Rigs has a review of the Koolance CPU-390:

The CPU-390i sits at the top of the table... Because this is a top performing block... we feel it’s justified in receiving the Extreme Rigs Gold Award!

Jun 24, 2016VID-NX1080 Now Available
The Koolance GTX 1080/1070 full coverage block and optional back plate are now available for purchase.
Jun 21, 2016CPU-390 Now Available!
Koolance has released its next generation of CPU water blocks with the smallest microfins yet: 0.17mm. Versions are available with acrylic and copper tops.
Jun 17, 2016GTX 1080 and 1070 Video Block Coming Soon
A full coverage video water block for NVIDIA's GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 is in production. Customers can currently opt-in to receive an email notification when stock arrives for the VID-NX1080. Photos and pricing will be posted in June.
Jan 14, 2016The Witcher Mod
Famed modders Jon (PennyWise) Hansz and Ron Lee Christianson are working on a new Witcher-themed PC with Koolance liquid cooling. Check out their build log here!
Nov 18, 2015Koolance Rigid Tube Fittings
Koolance now offers straight and elbow fittings for acrylic & PETG tubing. All models have triple internal o-rings to improve sealing reliability.
Nov 13, 2015QD1H Quick Disconnects Available
Koolance has launched a new QD1H no-spill quick disconnect series for 1/8 inch (3mm) ID tubing.
Aug 5, 2015Intel Skylake CPU Support
The Koolance CPU-380I is expected to remain compatible with Intel's new Skylake processor. Skylake's socket LGA1151 uses the same cooler mounting pattern as LGA1150.
Jun 3, 2015GeForce GTX 980 Ti Compatibility
Koolance has confirmed the VID-NXTTNX water block and optional back plate are compatible with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card.
Apr 15, 2015Titan X Water Block and Back Plate Now Available
Koolance's water blocks and back plates for Titan X are now shipping.
Mar 26, 2015VID-NXTTNX for Titan X Video Cards Coming Soon
Koolance's water block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X will be available soon. Photos and pricing will be updated shortly before launch. Customers can currently opt-in for an email notification upon stock arrival.
Mar 11, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the Koolance VID-NX980
Koolance's full coverage block for the NVIDIA GTX 980 was reviewed by Stren:

A very good performance... Honestly the best quality block I’ve ever seen from Koolance.
Feb 2, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the RP-452X2 Bay Reservoir
Xtreme Rigs reviews Koolance's popular and reliable RP-452X2 single/dual pump reservoir:

This is the best dual D5 pump/reservoir combo that we’ve ever seen. The quality and flexibility are amazing... If you need something like this then this is the best choice.

Jan 20, 2015Koolance Releases Compact Chiller EXC-450
Koolance's EXC-450 is an extremely compact (6in x 8in x 21in, or 152mm x 203mm x 533mm) portable recirculating liquid chiller rated at 450W, or 1535 BTU/hr @25°C liquid & ambient. Power input is 24VDC, for which Koolance will soon be offering a separate AC adapter kit.
Jan 9, 2015GPU-220 Revision 2
The GPU-220 water block has been updated with new mounting hardware, supporting higher contact pressure and improving heat transfer.
Dec 8, 2014December Stock Delays
Several inbound shipments have been delayed by the U.S. Pacific Coast port labor slow-down. Estimated arrival dates for out-of-stock products are being adjusted on a daily basis as new information arrives. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Jan 5, 2015Holiday Deals!
For a limited time, a select list of Koolance products are on sale for the holiday season.
Dec 9, Reviews a Koolance Kit has reviewed an easy, low-cost kit from Koolance featuring the CPU-380I, PMP-300 pump and reservoir, and HX-CU420V radiator (translated):

The performance was better than expected, and this little cooler fought a good fight to keep my 5820K cool under pressure... The price is in my view absolutely fair, because you really do get what you pay for. Quality across the board. Koolance has proven their worth, and they have done it with style. Therefore, I can not do anything but give the system here today 9.5 + one Editor's Choice Award.