FAQ - Computer Cooling

  1. What does "ID", "OD", and "G 1/4 BSP" mean?
  2. Do you sell your products directly? Where can I purchase your products outside of the U.S./Canada?
  3. How much heat can your systems dissipate? What temperatures can I expect to see?
  4. Which processors does Koolance support? Do your systems support multiple cores and processors?
  5. Which motherboards does Koolance support?
  6. Which power supply does Koolance recommend? How much wattage is required?
  7. What are the noise levels of your systems?
  8. Can I add your cooling system to an existing case?
  9. Which fitting and tubing diameter should I use?
  10. Where can I get more information on the installation of a Koolance system?
  11. How many liquid coolers can I place into the system?
  12. Do you have any problems with condensation?
  13. What type of maintenance does the system require?
  14. How do you avoid biological growth?
  15. Wouldn't glycol, alcohol, or oil be better than a primarily water-based coolant?
  16. I am interested in overclocking my system. How high can I get my chip?
  17. If your coolers are chained in series, wouldn't hot liquid from the CPU hinder the next cooler's performance?
  18. I have another company's product that uses 8mm (5/16") ID tubing. How can I incorporate this?
  19. Can I use peltiers with a Koolance system?
  20. Do your coolers work with the AMD or Nvidia video cards?
  21. How far away can I place a cooling system from my computer?