Only connect the USB cable after the drivers are successfully installed. If you have issues connecting to the software, please try uninstalling existing FTDI / Prolific USB-to-Serial drivers (in Device Manager) and installing the latest drivers from FTDI. We recommend using the setup executable linked to in the comments of the most recent Windows driver.

ALH-2000 ALH-2000 Liquid Cooling and Heating System - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
ALX-1450-P400 ALX-1450-P400 Modular Liquid Cooling System (Rev.2.0) - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
ALX-2000-P400 ALX-2000-P400 Modular Liquid Cooling System (Rev.2.0) - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
ALX-750-P400 ALX-750-P400 Modular Liquid Cooling System (Rev.2.0) - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
CTR-KSM100 CTR-KSM100 Controller with Hardware and Software Interfaces - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
LLX-7000 LLX-7000 Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling System - (v2) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB
RPM-ALX400 RPM-ALX400 Reservoir and Pump Module for ALX Series (Rev.2.0) - (v2.0) (2018-09-26) 73.57 KB