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Superior Liquid Cooling Systems

Koolance is an ISO 9001 manufacturer specializing in custom liquid cooling solutions. We offer tailored engineering to customize our products to meet your specific requirements. We also provide cold plates, sub-assemblies, heat exchangers, chillers, liquid-air cooling systems, pumps, quick connect fittings, and other components involved in ambient and sub-ambient water cooling systems. (Learn More)

VLX-450 is a ready-to-integrate, inline, open frame chiller rated at 450W of cooling with a 0°C liquid-ambient delta. It is designed simply to be dropped into an existing cooling loop, which will move coolant through its stainless steel plate heat exchanger.
Koolance's ALX series are powerful liquid cooling systems with expandable thermal capacities and software logging. ALX systems have up to twice the thermal capacity of previous Koolance ambient liquid cooling systems for the same heat exchanger size. As modular products, the radiator and pump units can be individually upgraded if requirements later change.
Koolance CPU-390A and CPU-390CA water blocks now include support for AMD's socket AM4 (Ryzen, etc.). For existing owners of CPU-390, a separate upgrade kit is available to add compatibility.
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