Learn about the different types of Koolance products and browse each of their respective categories.



*Specials* (18)

Specials is a great place to find Koolance parts for discounted prices. Clearance products are new with marked down pricing. Refurbished products have been reconditioned to meet original specification and come with a full warranty.

ClearanceClearance (11)RefurbishedRefurbished (7)



Accessories (15)

Accessories include products such as: RAM heat sinks, case badges, extension cables, face plates, bezels, and T-shirts.


Cold Plates

Cold Plates (42)

Koolance has a variety of universal and custom designed cold plates to cool a variety of semiconductors. For assistance choosing the right cooler, check out one of Koolance's many information pages.

ComputerComputer (35)StandardStandard (7)


Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems (16)

Koolance manufactures a wide variety of liquid cooling systems, all several times more efficient than traditional air cooling (fan and heat sink). Ambient, refrigeration chillers, and liquid-to-liquid systems are available for a range of cooling applications.

Liquid-to-Air, AmbientLiquid-to-Air, Ambient (5)Liquid-to-LiquidLiquid-to-Liquid (1)Liquid-to-Vapor, ChillersLiquid-to-Vapor, Chillers (3)PC Computer CoolingPC Computer Cooling (3)System AccessoriesSystem Accessories (4)


Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controllers (3)

Electronic fan and pump speed controllers. May also include flow meter reporting, temperature sensor monitoring, and USB connections for software interface.


Fans, Grills

Fans, Grills (11)

Koolance offers a variety of quality dual ball-bearing fans. Quiet, low-RPM and performance, high-RPM models are available in 80mm, 120mm, 140mm and 220mm sizes.


Fittings & Quick Disconnects

Fittings & Quick Disconnects (187)

Koolance manufactures a wide selection of fittings, quick disconnect couplings, adapters, nozzles, manifolds, and splitters. Swiveling elbow connectors and other angled fittings are available for challenging spots.

Fittings for Copper TubingFittings for Copper Tubing (2)Fittings for Flexible Plastic TubingFittings for Flexible Plastic Tubing (68)Fittings for Rigid Plastic TubingFittings for Rigid Plastic Tubing (6)Hose ClampsHose Clamps (5)Manifolds, SplittersManifolds, Splitters (2)PlugsPlugs (2)Quick Disconnect CouplingsQuick Disconnect Couplings (51)Thread AdaptersThread Adapters (13)Threaded CouplingsThreaded Couplings (35)Tubing AdaptersTubing Adapters (3)


Flow Meters

Flow Meters (9)

Measurement devices for monitoring coolant flow volume (LPM/GPM). Low profile, inline flow meters with steel or polymer bodies, LED lighting, and straight or 180-degree flow paths. A flow meter frequency adapter can be used to convert flow meter values to signals similar to fan RPM tachometry.


Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchangers (30)

Koolance heat exchangers include plate-fin radiators, tube-fine, and plate heat exchangers. Most are brazed aluminum or copper/brass designs with louvered fins for high heat transfer efficiency.

AccessoriesAccessories (9)HXM Modules for ALXHXM Modules for ALX (3)Plate Heat ExchangersPlate Heat Exchangers (2)Radiators, 1xFanRadiators, 1xFan (4)Radiators, 2xFanRadiators, 2xFan (4)Radiators, 3xFanRadiators, 3xFan (5)Radiators, 4xFanRadiators, 4xFan (2)Radiators, 9xFanRadiators, 9xFan (1)


Liquid Coolant

Liquid Coolant (12)

Liquid coolants not only enable heat transfer, they must combat a variety of risks like corrosion and biological growth. Koolance liquids won't clog components and can be used for years before replacement. They also arrive in a handy squirt bottle!


Liquid Filters

Liquid Filters (2)

Inline filters screen undesirable particles or accidental debris from coolant which might otherwise affect pump operation or clog components.



Pumps (14)

Koolance magnetic centrifugal non-submersible coolant pumps range from 12 to 24 Volts DC. A spinning impeller pushes coolant through the loop.

AccessoriesAccessories (4)Pumps (Bare)Pumps (Bare) (7)With ReservoirWith Reservoir (3)


Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts (52)

Replacement components for many Koolance systems: control boards, reservoirs, displays, etc.

CablesCables (2)Circuit BoardsCircuit Boards (5)Hardware PacksHardware Packs (2)MiscellaneousMiscellaneous (2)O-RingsO-Rings (27)Pumps, ReservoirsPumps, Reservoirs (4)Water Block PartsWater Block Parts (10)



Reservoirs (39)

Generally, reservoirs serve to automatically filter air from the loop and to store excess coolant. Koolance provides many types of coolant tanks, from standalone models to versions which fit in drive bays. There are also types which will directly attach to a pump.

60mm OD Cylindrical60mm OD Cylindrical (16)80mm OD Cylindrical80mm OD Cylindrical (13)Drive BayDrive Bay (5)Other TanksOther Tanks (2)With PumpWith Pump (3)


Sensors - Temperature, Level

Sensors - Temperature, Level (12)

Sensors include devices for reading temperatures, coolant levels, and leak detection for reporting to electronic control equipment.

Coolant Level SensorsCoolant Level Sensors (4)Leak DetectorsLeak Detectors (1)Temperature SensorsTemperature Sensors (7)


Service Equipment

Service Equipment (1)

Liquid cooling servicing and maintenance equipment.



Tubing (40)

Koolance flexible polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tubing is available in multiple colors and sizes. Diameter, wall thickness, and material density affects the bend radius.

ID: 06mm (1/4in)ID: 06mm (1/4in) (2)ID: 10mm (3/8in)ID: 10mm (3/8in) (7)ID: 13mm (1/2in)ID: 13mm (1/2in) (6)Rolls, BulkRolls, Bulk (15)Spring WrapSpring Wrap (10)


Valves, Fill Ports

Valves, Fill Ports (6)

Drain valves and fill ports make emptying and filling your loop much easier. Place these in positions that are easy to access for greatest convenience.