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Liquid-to-Vapor, Chillers

Liquid-to-Vapor, Chillers

Chillers use refrigerant gas and a vapor compressor to enable settings down to (or below) the ambient air temperature. External liquid coolant is circulated through a chilled reservoir or heat exchanger, which is isolated from the sealed refrigerant line. Koolance's performance ratings for chillers use a 0°C delta-T, meaning the quantity of heat is being dissipated while the liquid is kept at the ambient air temperature (of 25°C). These products can operate below ambient with lower heat loads and set-points.

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VLX-450 Inline 450W Chiller Subassembly, 24VDC (Rev.1.2)
VLX-450 is a ready-to-integrate, compact, open frame chiller. Cooling performance is 450W, or 1535 BTU/hr @25°C liquid & ambient (0°C delta-T). External liquid coolant must be pumped through the VLX-450's copper-brazed stainless steel plate he ...
EXC-450 Portable 450W Recirculating Liquid Chiller, 24VDC (Ultra Compact)
Koolance's EXC-450 is an extremely compact (6in x 8in x 21in, or 152mm x 203mm x 533mm) portable recirculating liquid chiller rated at 450W, or 1535 BTU/hr @25°C liquid & ambient. Chiller control is based on one of four configurable temperatur ...
EXC-800 Portable 800W Recirculating Liquid Chiller, 110VAC /60Hz (Rev.1.7)
(NOTE: Rev.1.7 of this product has changed the rear fitting threads from G 1/4 BSPP to NPT 1/4in.) Koolance's EXC-800 is a portable recirculating liquid chiller rated at 800W, or 2730 BTU/hr (@25°C liquid & ambient). Chiller control is bas ...