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Koolance is an ISO 9001 manufacturer specializing in custom liquid cooling solutions. We provide cold plates, sub-assemblies, heat exchangers, chillers, liquid-air cooling systems, pumps, quick connect fittings, and other components involved in ambient and sub-ambient water cooling systems. (Learn More)

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Koolance's VID-AR295X2 is a full coverage water block for AMD's dual-GPU Radeon R9 295X2 video card. Unlike the stock cooler, memory and VRM chips are also cooled with water. VID-AR295X2 is compatible with Koolance's bridge connectors for multi-card configurations.
Koolance has confirmed compatibility with its VID-NXTTN2 full coverage water block and the NVIDIA TITAN Black reference video card layout.
Dec 30, 2013Closed Dec. 31-Jan. 1
Koolance will be closed Dec. 31 through Jan. 1 for the holidays. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Monday, Dec. 30th will ship on Thursday, Jan 2nd.
Koolance's full coverage block for the GTX 780 Ti is now available. VID-NXTTN2 is functionally identical to VID-NXTTN, but adds compatibility for the GTX 780 Ti.
Dec 23, 2013Closed Dec. 24-25
Koolance will be closed Dec. 24-25 for the holidays. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Monday, Dec. 23rd will ship on Thursday, Dec. 26th.
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