Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

Koolance manufactures a wide variety of liquid cooling systems, all several times more efficient than traditional air cooling (fan and heat sink). Ambient and refrigeration chillers are available for a range of cooling applications.


Ambient, Liquid-to-Air

Ambient, Liquid-to-Air (5)

These cooling products dissipate heat from liquid by way of a radiator with forced airflow. They are ideal for applications where the liquid does not need to reach ambient room temperature. Koolance's performance ratings use a 25°C delta-T, meaning the rated amount of heat is being dissipated with liquid 25°C above the air temperature. Systems with higher ratings will operate closer to ambient for a given heat load.


Chillers, Liquid-to-Vapor

Chillers, Liquid-to-Vapor (3)

Chillers use refrigerant gas and a vapor compressor to enable settings down to (or below) the ambient air temperature. External liquid coolant is circulated through a chilled reservoir or heat exchanger, which is isolated from the sealed refrigerant line. Koolance's performance ratings for chillers use a 0°C delta-T, meaning the quantity of heat is being dissipated while the liquid is kept at the ambient air temperature (of 25°C). These products can operate below ambient with lower heat loads and set-points.


Computer Cooling

Computer Cooling (3)

Liquid cooling systems which are specifically designed to handle computers. These units are programmed to adjust performance based on typical PC hardware temperature ranges and utilize an ATX power supply input.


System Accessories

System Accessories (4)

Accessories for Koolance cooling systems.