Fittings & Quick Disconnects

Koolance manufactures a wide selection of fittings, quick disconnect couplings, adapters, nozzles, manifolds, and splitters. Swiveling elbow connectors and other angled fittings are available for challenging spots.


Fittings for Copper Tubing

Fittings for Copper Tubing (2)

These fittings are able to connect soft copper tubing to G 1/4 BSP threads.


Fittings for Flexible Plastic Tubing

Fittings for Flexible Plastic Tubing (68)

Hose fittings for PVC, PE, PU, and other flexible plastic tubing. Includes straight and elbow (90 degree angled) versions with barbed or compression styles in black and nickel coating. Swivel-lock and bulkhead panel mounted options are also available.

ID: 03mm (1/8in)ID: 03mm (1/8in) (2)ID: 06mm (1/4in)ID: 06mm (1/4in) (15)ID: 10mm (3/8in)ID: 10mm (3/8in) (26)ID: 13mm (1/2in)ID: 13mm (1/2in) (25)


Fittings for Rigid Plastic Tubing

Fittings for Rigid Plastic Tubing (6)

Hose fittings for acrylic, PETG, and other hard plastic tubing. Includes straight and elbow (90 degree angled) versions.


Hose Clamps

Hose Clamps (5)

Reusable hose clamps secure flexible tubing like PVC, PE, and PU to a barbed fitting. They must be selected based on the outer diameter (OD) of the hose being utilized. Koolance barbed fittings already include a hose clamp for one size of tubing.


Manifolds, Splitters

Manifolds, Splitters (2)

Manifolds and splitters come in 5-way, 4-way, and 3-way versions, some with swiveling and locking mechanisms. The number of outlet orifices on larger manifolds can be reduced using threaded socket plugs.



Plugs (2)

Plugs and caps for threaded sockets on water blocks, fittings, fitting bodies, radiators, reservoirs, etc.


Quick Disconnect Couplings

Quick Disconnect Couplings (51)

Koolance quick disconnects couplings are specially designed fittings which automatically shut-off coolant flow upon disconnection. The flow path is reestablished when the QDC couplings are reconnected. Quick disconnects are very useful for areas in a cooling or plumbing system that are altered and moved frequently. They can also increase convenience when transporting or draining a system.

QD1H SeriesQD1H Series (5)QD2 SeriesQD2 Series (8)QD3 SeriesQD3 Series (30)QD4 SeriesQD4 Series (8)


Thread Adapters

Thread Adapters (13)

Adapters are primarily used to convert hose or pipe diameters, such as BSP and NPT threads.


Threaded Couplings

Threaded Couplings (35)

Couplings can be used as extensions or to change the angle or gender of a fitting. These also include adjustable length couplings for Crossfire / SLI setups and RAM block connectors.

Adjustable LengthAdjustable Length (5)AngledAngled (18)Fixed Length StraightFixed Length Straight (12)


Tubing Adapters

Tubing Adapters (3)

Tubing adapters are used to change between one hose size and another.