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Jan 30, 2006Combined nVidia 7800, ATI X1800/1900 GPU+RAM Cooler
The upcoming VID-200-L06 is designed for either nVidia 7800 (and most 6800) or ATI X1800/1900 video cards. It will cool both the video chipset and front memory. Availability of the VID-200-L06 is expected by or before February 17th.
Jan 3, Liquid Cools the XBox 360... with Koolance!
[H]ardOCP pulls-off another first by liquid cooling the XBox-360! (Specific Koolance components used in this article are: two GPU-180-H06 coolers, pump & reservoir, control board, LED display, and temperature sensor.)
Jan 3, 2006BTX Adapter Available for Koolance CPU-300/305 Coolers
Koolance now has a bracket available for P-4 LGA-775 processors on BTX motherboards. It is designed for the Koolance CPU-300 and CPU-305 coolers.