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Jan 9, 2009Solutions for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 & 295 Due Soon
Koolance is currently producing water blocks for the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 (VID-NX285) and GTX 295 (VID-NX295). These models are expected later this month. Pictures and pricing will be posted once available.
Jan 6, 2009Koolance Releases its First LN2 Video Cooler
The VID-LN2 is for cooling enthusiasts using liquid nitrogen. It supports a wide range of current video cards, including: Radeon HD 4870, HD 4870 X2, GeForce GTX 280, GTX 260, 9800 GTX, and 9800 GX2.
Jan 6, 2009X58 Full Coverage NB/SB for ASUS Rampage II Extreme
Koolance has released two new products for the ASUS Rampage II Extreme Motherboard. Both handle the northbridge and southbridge chipsets (and other nearby components) simultaneously.
Jan 5, 2009New Koolance Tubing Colors
Five new hose colors have been added in 13mm (1/2") ID and 10mm (3/8") ID sizes. Like all Koolance tubing, a special PVC blend make them durable, kink-resistant, and easy to work with. New colors include UV Blue, UV Green, UV Orange, Silver, and Black.
Dec 19, 2008TMS-200 Sneak Peek
Koolance's TMS-200 thermal management software and controller is now scheduled for release in early 2009. A new features list is forthcoming, but you might discover some of them in this early screen shot...
Nov 26, 2008CPU-345 and CPU-350 Now Available!
Koolance's new CPU-345 and CPU-350 water blocks in acetal and acrylic are now available. Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, orders placed from now through Sunday will be processed on Monday, December 1st.

If you're unable to grab one before they run out, our next shipment is due December 10th!
Nov 25, 2008The Newly Revised PSU-1300ATX-12N is Currently Available
More PSU-1300ATX-12N are now available, but they won't last long! We are expecting a larger shipment to arrive during the last half of December (currently Dec. 29th).
Nov 19, 2008Initial CPU-350 pictures
Early pictures of the CPU-350 (Acrylic model) have been posted on the Koolance user forums.
Nov 10, 2008New Koolance CPU-345 and CPU-350 Water Blocks Coming!
Koolance will be releasing two new CPU water block models in early December of this year. The CPU-345 (as previewed on HardOCP) and CPU-350 vary in the types of systems they're designed for. We hope that by offering both types, customers can choose a style based on their own water loop preference (high pressure vs. high flow).

For the time being, we will continue carrying the popular CPU-340 as our base-level cooling block. We should have more details to disclose on the CPU-345 and CPU-350 (pricing, pictures, specs) as we get closer to the launch dates.
Nov 7, 2008New Pump/Fan Controllers Now Available
Koolance's new speed controllers allow for accurate adjustment of various 12V DC pumps and fans, including the Koolance PMP-400 and PMP-450. The CTR-CD10 also adds an LED display and additional Koolance system features.
Nov 7, 2008Intel LGA-1366 (Core i7) Support Coming Soon
Koolance's new adapter to allow LGA-1366 compatibility with the CPU-330 and CPU-340 water blocks is due in stock next week.
Oct 31, 2008Koolance Product Archives
Looking for specs or a user manual on a product Koolance no longer makes? Need to verify which Koolance product you own? Or perhaps you're simply interested in browsing through some of Koolance's nearly 8 years of liquid cooling products? Chances are you'll now find them in the Product Archives.
Sep 30, 2008PC5 Systems Available Soon
We understand there are quite a few customers waiting on the 1300W PC5 cooling systems to arrive in stock. This shipment was originally expected Sept. 19th, but has been delayed in customs since then. We hope to receive this shipment by tomorrow, Oct. 1st. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Sep 15, 2008Koolance Web Forums Launched
Koolance's official web forums are now online. Feel free to create an account and join our user community! (Please be sure to review the forum rules before posting.)
Sep 3, 2008VID-487X2 (HD 4870 X2) Water Block is Now Available!
The Koolance VID-487X2 dual GPU, full coverage water cooling block for AMD/ATI's Radeon HD 4870 X2 is now available.
Aug 12, 2008Radeon HD 4870 X2 Water Blocks Coming Soon
Koolance's VID-487X2 video block for the Radeon HD 4870 X2 are expected by September 2nd (previously August 29th). Customers can currently opt for an email notification, sent when our first inventory arrives.
Aug 8, 2008Koolance to Produce More 9800GX2 Water Blocks!
Based on popular demand, Koolance will be producing another limited number of VID-398GX2 GeForce 9800GX2 water blocks. The first of these are expected to arrive August 15th, with the larger remainder in mid-September (previously, the end of August). Make sure to hit the Notify link if you are interested. Limited products are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Jul 22, 2008Koolance HD 4850 and 4870 Water Blocks Are Now Available!
The VID-485 (Radeon HD 4850) and VID-487 (Radeon HD 4870) water blocks are now available!
Jul 22, 2008Koolance 1300/1700W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply Reviewed by HardOCP
HardOCP has reviewed the PSU-1300ATX-12N water cooled power supply:

The build quality of the Koolance 1300w is overall excellent and awe inspiring. Quite simply the Koolance 1300w reminds me of a [time] when quality construction of products that showed care and commitment was key to manufacturers... Koolance has quite literally crafted what is the most impressively built power supply we have seen to date by continuing with their trend of making power supply products work with their expertise of liquid cooling.
Jul 15, 2008TMS-100K Vista 64-bit Drivers Available
64-bit Windows Vista drivers are now available for the Koolance TMS-100K software interface card.
Jul 8, 2008PC5-1300 1.3kW Cooling Systems Released
Koolance now offers quad-120mm fan heat exchangers pre-installed into our chassis. The PC5-1326BK, PC5-1326SL, PC5-1336BK, and PC5-1336SL all include a full-length, 4-fan radiator. Multiple pump options are provided, allowing customers to specify which flow type and control is desired.
Jul 7, 2008VID-428 for GeForce GTX 260/280 Now Available
The first shipment of Koolance VID-428 water blocks for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 and 280 video cards is now available. A rear memory heat sink is included with this block.
Jun 26, 2008The Long-Awaited PSU-1300ATX-12N is Now Available!
Koolance is now shipping the first 1300/1700W water cooled PSU-1300ATX-12N power supplies. If inventory has already sold-out, more will be available by July 8th.

Please be sure to read the PSU compatibility page before purchasing the PSU-1300ATX-12N to be aware of its special mounting requirements.
Jun 26, 2008Koolance Radeon HD 4850 & 4870 Blocks Coming Soon!
The VID-487 (HD 4870) and VID-485 (HD 4850) water blocks are expected by July 22nd, respectively (previous July 17th). Make sure to hit "Notify" if you are interested in receiving an email upon arrival for either model (or both).
Jun 18, 2008Koolance GeForce GTX 280/260 Block Coming Soon!
The estimated arrival date of Koolance's water block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280/260, the VID-428, is July 7th (previously July 2nd). Hit the "Notify" button if you would like to receive an email when they arrive. Pictures and specifications will be posted as soon as they are available.
Jun 17, 2008Virtual Hideout Compares the CPU-340 and CPU-330
The new changes have really helped increase its cooling performance. It easily cooled the CPU by more than 4 degrees over the CPU-330. The cooling performance is on part with that of the DangerDen MC-TDX and D-Tek Fuzion CPU Coolers. The nickel design looks excellent as always and compliments the performance for those serious about their CPU cooling blocks.
Jun 16, 2008Exos-2 (EX2-750) 700W Has Been Discontinued
The Exos-2 700W cooling system has been discontinued, replaced by the more powerful Exos-2 LX and Exos-2.5 models. If you are still interested in purchasing an Exos-2, a small number of Silver units are still available as of today!
Jun 12, 2008VReg Wing for VID-387 and Sapphire Radeon 3870 HD Card
By demand, Koolance is now offering a custom manufactured Voltage Regulator Wing for the VID-387 water block. This will allow compatibility with Sapphire (models 11122-03 and 100225) ATI Radeon HD 3870 512MB video cards.
Jun 4, 2008Koolance Customer Gallery!
Have an impressive picture or video of your Koolance build? Or perhaps you are using Koolance products in a unique way? Let us know and we just might post it in the new Customer Gallery.
May 30, 2008International Shipping Costs Decreased
Koolance has significantly reduced shipping rates for all UPS international air methods. This affects orders placed on our website with shipping destinations outside of the United States.