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Aug 7, 2006Koolance Thermal Management Software
Koolance's Thermal Management Software allows control of most Koolance systems within Windows XP (via a USB interface). Lots of new features have been added for the new Koolance PC4-1000 (rev.2) systems, including pump performance testing, speed control, and RPM reporting. The Koolance coolant flow meter can also be used with the TMS-100K.
Aug 4, 2006PC3-720 Systems Now Available
The PC3-720BK (black) and PC3-720SL (silver) 700W systems are now available.
Jul 7, 2006GeForce 7950GX2 GPU+RAM Liquid Cooling
A GPU+RAM cooler for the 7950GX2 is expected next month. Koolance will provide another update as details become available.
Jun 22, 2006Koolance Liquid Cooling for the Xbox 360™
For experienced modders, Koolance has released complete liquid cooling kits for the Xbox 360 in black and silver (based on Koolance's Exos-LT). For those who wish to use an alternative cooling unit, Koolance's dual cooler kit is available separately with the proprietary Xbox 360 mounting hardware.
Jun 15, 2006Adapter for AMD AM2 940 Socket Available
Koolance's CPU Adapter for AMD socket AM2 940 processors is now available. This enables CPU-300/305 coolers to mount the new socket.
Jun 13, 2006Koolance PC3-720 Systems Re-released!
Due to popular demand, Koolance will begin offering the PC3-720 systems again. This is a lighter weight (and less expensive) aluminum chassis than other PC3-700 models. Availability is expected in early August; click the "notify" icon to be automatically emailed when inventory arrives.
Jun 6, 2006Liquid Cooling Ageia PhysX™ Cards
Please see the Koolance Support Center for details on liquid cooling Ageia's PhysX cards.
May 16, 2006AMD Socket AM2 Update
An AM2 adapter is expected by early June for Koolance CPU-300 and CPU-305 coolers. There will be another update once this product is available.
May 15, 2006New PC4-1026 Systems
The PC4-1026 and PC3-726 use extended-ATX-sized chassis. Their longer length adds extra room with the same overall height as PC4-1024/1025 systems. These are ideal for dual CPU motherboards.
Apr 18, 2006Pitstop Aqua Descent Featuring Koolance 1kW Systems
Pitstop's Aqua Descent (commissioned by AMD) is one of the most powerful gaming PC's currently produced by any company in the world. The Descent is built with Koolance's 1000W cooling system. Pitstop presented the new system at the i27 LAN event.
Mar 20, 2006Radeon 1800/1900 VReg Cooler
The CHC-25-L06 is designed to cool the voltage regulator of ATI Radeon X1800XL/XT and X1900XT/XTX video cards.
Mar 15, 2006GeForce 7900 Compatibility Update
The Koolance compatibility chart has been updated with VID-200-L06, VID-NV2-L06, and CHC-35-D06 compatibility details for the nVidia GeForce 7900GT/GTX. There is one issue with 7900GT cards using an SLI bridge connector, so please check the above link for details.
Mar 6, 2006Introducing the PC4-1000 1kW Series!
Koolance is pleased to announce the latest generation of cooling systems, the 1000W heat capacity PC4-1000 series. Performance is accelerated with over three times the coolant flow rate of previous dual-pump systems, a triple 120mm fan heat exchanger, and updated electronics. The PC4 will begin shipping next week.
Mar 3, 2006VID-200-L06 Revision for Radeon X1900

The VID-200-L06 has been modified for compatibility with ATI Radeon X1900XT/XTX video cards. Coolers shipped as of March 3rd, 2006 will feature a small "notch" in the bottom of the memory liquid block. This alteration is not required for the Radeon X1800 series, or for any nVidia GeForce cards.

If you have already purchased the VID-200-L06 with the intention of using it on the Radeon X1900XT or X1900XTX, please file an online RMA request. Koolance will make the necessary modification to your VID-200 cooler at no cost. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Feb 22, 2006Exos-LT (Lite) Special Value Edition

As a value edition product, the Exos-LT is less expensive, more compact, and lighter in weight than previous Exos systems. It is available only through the website.

As a special promotion, customers can also purchase a CPU-300-H06 for only $35.99 with the Exos-LT!

Jan 30, 2006Combined nVidia 7800, ATI X1800/1900 GPU+RAM Cooler
The upcoming VID-200-L06 is designed for either nVidia 7800 (and most 6800) or ATI X1800/1900 video cards. It will cool both the video chipset and front memory. Availability of the VID-200-L06 is expected by or before February 17th.
Jan 3, Liquid Cools the XBox 360... with Koolance!
[H]ardOCP pulls-off another first by liquid cooling the XBox-360! (Specific Koolance components used in this article are: two GPU-180-H06 coolers, pump & reservoir, control board, LED display, and temperature sensor.)
Jan 3, 2006BTX Adapter Available for Koolance CPU-300/305 Coolers
Koolance now has a bracket available for P-4 LGA-775 processors on BTX motherboards. It is designed for the Koolance CPU-300 and CPU-305 coolers.