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Dec 31, 2009GPU-220 Microfin Video Block
The Koolance GPU-220 microfin high-performance GPU block is now available.
Dec 31, 2009Water Block for ASUS Crosshair III Formula
The Koolance MB-ASC3F motherboard block for the ASUS Crosshair III Formula is now available!
Dec 24, 2009Copper Radiators for 140mm Fans
Koolance is now offering copper core, high density (30 fins per inch) heat exchangers for 140mm fans. Single, double, and triple fan models are currently available. 140mm rad sizes can provide higher heat dissipation with less noise than 120mm.
Dec 7, 2009Water Cooled 5970's Offered by Origin PC
OriginPC is among the first system builders to offer ATI Radeon HD 5970 video cards with Koolance liquid cooling. Configurable systems are now available at
Dec 2, 2009VID-AR597 (Radeon HD 5970) Water Block Now Available
The Koolance VID-AR597 for AMD Radeon HD 5970 cards is now available.
Nov 18, 2009Radeon HD 5970 Support Coming Soon
The Koolance VID-AR597 cooler is expected soon. This product is designed for the new AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5970. Please click the "Notify" link if you wish to receive a stock notification email.
Nov 10, 2009TMS-200 Source Code Now Available
With the latest version of 2.1.26, Koolance has opened the TMS-200 source code under the GNU General Public License.
Oct 27, 2009New Reservoir Components Available
Koolance now offers reservoir cylinder bodies, tops, and bases for separate purchase. Configure your own liquid tank by choosing which nozzle and pump attachments you need!
Oct 26, 2009Origin PC to Use Koolance Liquid Cooling
OriginPC will be incorporating various Koolance products in upcoming systems, including: water blocks, heat exchangers, pumps, and reservoirs. You can be notified of availability by clicking their logo to the left. Early images are available here and here!
Oct 23, 2009Koolance Plate Heat Exchangers Now Available
Used in various industries, plate heat exchangers provide highly efficient heat transfer between two liquids without allowing them to mix. Koolance plate heat exchangers are among the most compact and cost effective available.
Oct 23, 2009Koolance Water Block for ASUS Maximus III Formula In Stock
The Koolance MB-ASM3F full-coverage block for the P55 based ASUS Maximus III Formula is now available.
Oct 22, 2009Radeon HD 5850 Support Added to VID-AR587
The Koolance VID-AR587 water block (currently in stock) now supports both the Radeon HD 5870 and Radeon HD 5850. Versions with dual support are labeled on the top cover plate.
Oct 9, 2009Water Block for Radeon HD 5870 Now Available
The Koolance VID-AR587 water block is now available!
Oct 1, 2009Radeon HD 5850 Support Coming Soon
Koolance expects a compatible full coverage video block for the Radeon HD 5850 to arrive around October 27th.
Sep 24, 2009Radeon HD 5870 Water Block Coming Soon
The Koolance VID-AR587 cooler is expected soon. This product is designed for the new AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870. Please click the "Notify" link if you wish to receive a stock notification email.
Sep 15, 2009PSU-1000ATX-12N Power Supply Now Available
The first shipment has arrived of the new Koolance 1000W PSU-1000ATX-12N Power Supply.
Sep 14, 2009Koolance ERM-3K4U5 Liquid cooling System
Trubritar reviews the Koolance five-pump, multi-computer cooling system, the ERM-3K4U5!
Sep 4, 2009Skinnee Labs Compares the CPU-350 to 3rd-Party Blocks
The Koolance CPU-350 takes the honor of having the best performance, and by a noticeable amount. ... the Koolance CPU-350 is king of the i7.
Sep 4, 2009Koolance 1000W Liquid Cooled Power Supply
The Koolance PSU-1000ATX-12N provides 1000W of continuous output in a smaller and lighter profile than the PSU-1300ATX-12N. It is completely flooded in a special non-conductive cooling liquid and fanless!
Sep 2, 2009LGA 1156 CPU Adapters are Now Available
Intel Core i5/i7 Socket LGA 1156 CPU Adapters are now available for the CPU-350, CPU-345, and CPU-340.
Aug 18, 2009Socket LGA 1156 Core i5/i7 Compatibility Update
The CPU-340, CPU-345, and CPU-350 will require a separate bracket for LGA 1156 processor compatibility. Koolance expects to release these new adapters by September 4th, when they will be available for separate purchase.
Jul 22, 2009No-Spill Quick Disconnects Now Available
New (patent pending) quick disconnects have been added to Koolance's product line. "VL2N" and "VL3N" are no-spill versions of current shut-off QDC nozzles. Be sure not to mix series (VL2, VL3, VL4, VL2N, VL3N) when connecting, as all are physically different from one another.
Jun 25, 2009Single Board GTX 295 Water Block Now Available
The Koolance VID-NX295S for single board GeForce GTX 295 cards is now available.
Jun 25, 2009Water Block Now Available for Revised GTX 275/285 Cards
The VID-NX285N is now available for revised GTX 275, GTX 285 1GB, and GTX 285 2GB video cards. For previous reference boards, the VID-NX275 and VID-NX285 are also still available.
Jun 15, 2009Single Board GTX 295 Water Block Due Soon
The Koolance VID-NX295S cooler is expected this month. This product is designed for the newly updated single-PCB NVIDIA GTX 295. Please click the "Notify" link if you wish to receive a stock notification email.
Jun 12, 2009The (Full Metal) RAM-33 Water Block is Now Available
Koolance offers the most efficient liquid cooled memory products available. The RAM-33 physically channels liquid along both sides of every DDR3, DDR2, DDR, FB-DIMM, or SD DIMM, providing full coverage to every chip!
Jun 12, 2009GTX 275, 285 New Video Board Compatibility
For revised GeForce GTX 275 and GTX 285 video cards, Koolance will have a compatible water block available later this month. The VID-NX275 is still available for original reference versions of the GTX 275.
May 18, 2009Local Pickup Option Now Available
If you are a customer in Washington State, Koolance now has a "Local Pickup" option for orders placed on the website. Please be sure to read the information provided during checkout on allowed pickup times and required identification.
May 7, 2009Koolance Releases Its First LN2 CPU Cooler
The CPU-LN2 is for cooling enthusiasts using liquid nitrogen. It supports a wide range of current processors, including: Intel LGA-1366, LGA-775, AMD AM2, AM2+, AM3, and others.
Apr 29, 2009Full Coverage Block for EVGA X58 Classified Available Soon
Koolance MB-EVX58CF water blocks for EVGA X58 Classified motherboards are expected to arrive later today.