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Voltage Regulator (VReg / MOSFET) Coolers

Voltage regulators vary widely between motherboard manufacturers and models. With the removal of an original heat sink assembly, there may be up to three of these regions that require liquid cooling. Koolance's MVR-40 and MVR-100 are designed for maximum compatibility by the addition of a swappable heat transfer plate.

To choose which heat transfer plate is required for your motherboard, simply measure the length and width of the thermal interface material on the bottom of the original heat sink. Then, select the Koolance heat transfer plate that approximately matches this size (to within about 3mm, or 1/8"). The MVR-40 and MVR-100 will include the required screws to attach the heat transfer plate. An installation manual for either MVR model is available here.

Measuring Heat Pipe/Sink Thermal Material


Measuring Heat Pipe/Sink Thermal Material

Heat Plate Length Width Used With
MVR-PLT67 67mm (2.64") 13mm (0.51") MVR-40
MVR-PLT84 84mm (3.3") 16mm (0.63") MVR-40
MVR-PLT1075 107.5mm (4.23") 16mm (0.63") MVR-40
MVR-PLT140 140mm (5.5") 16mm (0.63") MVR-40 or MVR-100