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Jun 20, 2011New Phone/Fax Numbers
Koolance USA has a new phone number (253-249-7669) and fax number (253-249-7453). Earlier numbers will be discontinued in the near future.
Jun 19, 2011Save $20 on Radeon HD 6990 Blocks
For a limited time, VID-AR699 (for Radeon HD 6990) full coverage blocks are $20 off the retail price.
Jun 15, 2011Koolance Facebook and Twitter Pages
Koolance is now available on Facebook and Twitter.
Jun 8, 2011RP-401X2 Single 5.25" Bay, Dual Pump Reservoir
If you don't have room for a dual 5.25" reservoir unit, Koolance now offers a single bay version, the RP-401X2!
Jun 1, 2011Koolance Swivel/Lock Barbs Available
Koolance introduces a new nozzle type to help relieve hose stress and avoid accidental unscrewing. Swivel/lock barbs are now available for 6mm, 10mm, and 13mm ID tubing. These fittings freely rotate and must be pushed down to be threaded and unthreaded.
Jun 1, 2011RP-402X2 & RP-452X2 Bleed Pipe Kit
Koolance RP-402X2 and RP-452X2 dual bay/reservoir products now include a bleed pipe for installation in the upper reservoir. This eases air filtration if using the right-side tank inlet/outlet. Customers who have already purchased a dual reservoir can request the bleed pipe for free (this offer is good through August). Please click here for details.
May 31, 2011ERM-3K3U Cooling Systems Coming Soon
ERM-3K3U will be Koolance's most powerful system available, with 9x120mm high-flow fans and a 24V PMP-450S pump. For comparison, it provides greater thermal performance at 20% fan speed than previous ERM-2K3U models at 100%. Aluminum or copper core models are offered, both featuring new electronics and a VFD dot matrix display.
Apr 25, 2011Black Nozzles and Fittings Now Available
The first black Koolance nozzles and fittings are now available. More models are on the way!
Apr 3, 2011VID-NX590 Block for GTX 590 now available
The Koolance VID-NX590 is now available!
Mar 31, 2011EXT-440CU External Cooling System Now Available
Koolance's latest EXT-440CU takes the place of earlier Exos-LT compact cooling units. It features a higher speed (swappable) fan, copper core radiator, and a new industrial-oriented format.
Mar 24, 2011VID-NX590 for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 Coming Soon
The Koolance VID-NX590 full coverage block for the dual-GPU GTX 590 video card is coming soon! Email notifications can currently be made. Photos and pricing will be posted once available.
Mar 23, 2011VID-AR699 Block Now Available
The Koolance VID-AR699 for AMD's Radeon HD 6990 cards is now available. Another shipment is arriving early next week.
Mar 15, 2011Radeon HD 6990 Block ETA Now 3/25
A production delay has pushed expected availability of the VID-AR699 water block to March 25th.
Mar 7, 2011Radeon HD 6990 Block Coming Soon!
The Koolance VID-AR699 full coverage water block for AMD's Radeon HD 6990 dual GPU card is expected on about Mar. 18th. Customers can opt-in for notification to receive an email when first inventory arrives. Pricing and photos will be posted once available.
Mar 6, 2011RP-402X2/452X2 Serial Pump Connectors Now Available
Connection fittings for running serial pumps on the RP-402X2 or RP-452X2 dual reservoir units are now available. Stock won't last long, but another shipment is scheduled for next Monday.
Feb 23, 2011CPU-370 Now Available
Following in the popular CPU-360 style, the CPU-370 contains improvements to the internal core, unlocking performance beyond all previous Koolance blocks!
Feb 17, 2011Save $40 on GTX 480 (Rev.1.1) Video Blocks
Koolance's full coverage block for GeForce GTX 480 cards (VID-NX480) is on sale for $40 off retail price! Revision 1.1 has improved heat transfer performance over the original model.
Feb 1, 2011Powerful 120mm Koolance Fans Now Available
For customers looking solely for best cooling performance, Koolance has started carrying very high RPM/CFM fans beginning with 120x38mm model FAN-12038HBK-184. This is a 2-amp, 4000RPM, 184CFM, high pressure and high dBA fan. Be sure to use it with a fan grill for safety, and make sure your fan controller can support the amperage!
Jan 17, 2011New Dual Pump/Reservoir Units Arriving Next Week
The new RP-452X2 (PMP-450/S) and RP-402X2 (PMP-400) dual reservoir and pump units have been announced. The next shipment of RP-452X2 and first shipment of RP-402X2 are due late next week. These models offer the possibility to keep two entirely separate loops, or combine both pumps and reservoirs to work in series.
Jan 10, 2011Full Coverage Clearance Sale!
Save up to $30 off retail on select full coverage video card and motherboard water blocks: Other models on sale are listed here.
Jan 10, 2011Rampage III Formula FC Block Now Available
The Koolance MB-ASR3F full coverage motherboard block for ASUS' Rampage III Formula is now available.
Jan 5, 2011Sandy Bridge P67 Socket LGA-1155 Support
Koolance CPU blocks that support the earlier LGA-1156 socket are also compatible with Intel's new Sandy Bridge LGA-1155 socket. There's no need for an additional adapter. Customers can easily check compatibility by selecting a motherboard from our product wizard.
Dec 28, 2010VID-AR697 (HD 6950/6970) Block Now Available!
The Koolance VID-AR697 full coverage block for AMD Radeon HD 6950 and 6970 cards is now available.
Dec 21, 2010Blocks for ASUS Rampage III Formula, Crosshair IV Extreme Announced
The MB-ASR3F (Rampage III Formula) and MB-ASC4E (Crosshair IV Extreme) have been announced. Availability is expected in the first week of January, with pictures and pricing posted shortly before arrival. These models will be produced in limited quantities.
Dec 20, 2010VID-AR697 for Radeon HD 6970/6950 Coming Next Week
The first shipment of VID-AR697 for the AMD Radeon HD 6970 and 6950 is expected early next week. Pricing and pictures will be posted upon arrival. Customers can currently opt-in for an email notification for this product.
Dec 16, 2010Radeon HD 6950/6970 Block Coming Soon
Koolance's water block for the AMD Radeon HD 6950 and 6970 is expected to arrive during late December. A product page for email notifications will be up shortly.
Dec 13, 2010GPU-200 Updated
The Koolance GPU-200 has been updated with nickel plating. The top cover is also now threaded and can be opened.
Dec 13, 2010GTX 570 Compatible with VID-NX580 Block
The reference GTX 570 is compatible with the Koolance VID-NX580 water block. A PCB image has been added to the website.
Nov 28, 2010VID-AR685 Blocks Now Available
The Koolance VID-AR685 full coverage block for the AMD Radeon HD 6850 video card is now available.
Nov 21, 2010VID-NX580 and VID-AR687 Water Blocks Now Available
The first shipment of VID-AR687 (for Radeon HD 6870) and VID-NX580 (for GeForce GTX 580) video blocks are now available.