Bulkhead Tank Fitting, G 1/4 BSPP

Part No. ADT-XFTK This product is archived and displayed for information only. It is no longer available for purchase. Released: 04 December 2012

ADT-XFTK is a G 1/4 BSPP female threaded fitting for installation into a panel or reservoir. It is self-sealing with the included EPDM o-ring. A stainless steel washer and nut for the rear side are included.

Weight 0.14 lb (0.06 kg)
Fitting Thread G 1/4 BSPP
Max Pressure Tolerance @ 25°C 20kgf/cm2 (284.5psi)
Max Temperature Tolerance 120°C (248°F)
Wetted Materials Brass, Nickel Plating, Stainless Steel, EPDM
Diagrams / Models (See Files Tab for Diagrams and 3D Models)
Diagram - adt-xftk_d1.pdf

Liquid Coolants

Koolance's product warranty does not cover the use of 3rd-party coolants, coolant additives, or corrosion. Koolance LIQ-702 or LIQ-705 coolants are strongly recommended to help avoid issues with mixed metals or biological growth. Additionally, do not use aluminum with bare (unplated) copper or bare (unplated) brass in the same system. Do not use silver with nickel in the same system.