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Mar 28, 2007Tom's Hardware Guide to Water Cooling (Featuring Koolance)
Tom's Hardware has published an introduction to water cooling that features a good range of Koolance systems and cooling blocks. If you are new to water cooling, this could be a great start!
Mar 12, 2007Motherboard Northbridge Cooler in 10mm (3/8")
The CHC-120-V10 motherboard block is now available with 10mm (3/8") hose barbs!
Mar 8, 2007ASUS Voltage Regulator Cooler in 10mm (3/8")
The 10mm (3/8") VR-AS40-V10 voltage regulator liquid cooler for ASUS motherboards is now available.
Mar 8, 2007Customizable Cooling Kit
Choose exactly which products you wish to bundle together with the Koolance KIT-500. The base kit includes an HX-360 heat exchanger, LED 120mm fan, CPU-330 (with nozzles), liquid coolant, and tubing. Simply choose your pump!
Feb 27, 2007RP-950 5.25" Reservoir & Pump
The RP-950 is a lower priced 5.25" bay reservoir with Koolance's PMP-400 pump. It is similar to the RP-1000, but lacks the LED display or pump control circuitry.
Feb 26, 20071200W Power Supply Availability - End of March
Availability of the PSU-1200ATX-12S has been rescheduled for the end of March. Arrival of all other products are still anticipated this week.
Feb 1, 2007Huge Price Drop!
Koolance has greatly reduced prices on most major products. Save up to $100 on Systems and Exos, up to $25 on Cooling Blocks, and benefit from discounts on many other Koolance accessories!
Jan 24, 2007Liquid Cooled 1200W (Continuous) Power Supply
Available next month, the Koolance 1200W (1400W peak) liquid-cooled power supply achieves greater than 80% efficiency by operating in a completely submerged state. It is also self-cooled, and therefore does not require any additional cooling system.
Jan 19, 2007Announcing the New Koolance CPU-330 Cooler
Now available, the rugged new Koolance CPU-330 provides ultra low temperatures in single or multi-core configurations. The CPU-330 is available with any Koolance G1/4 nozzle type: 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2".
Jan 19, 2007GeForce 8800GTX and 8800GTS Coolers Now Available
Koolance brings high quality cooling to the fastest gaming cards available. The VID-282-V10 (8800GTX) and VID-280-V10 (8800GTS) include standard G1/4 threaded nozzles for 1/4", 3/8", or 1/2" compatibility. Koolance Connect Nozzles bypass sandwiched cards for easy SLI setup.
Jan 19, 2007New CHC-120 Motherboard Cooler
Put heatpipes to shame. The CHC-120-V06 is designed for motherboard northbridge or southbridge chipsets, including those below PCI-Express cards. A newly designed cooler and bracket allows one cooler to fit almost all types of mainboards.
Jan 19, 2007Koolance G1/4 Nozzles
By popular demand, most replaceable Koolance nozzles are now also available in standard G1/4 threading for new products. The new nozzles are gun metal in color. (Koolance's metric-threaded nozzles are silver/chrome.)
Jan 17, 2007Koolance Quad Super Splitter
Going from 1/2" (13mm) or 3/8" (10mm) to 1/4" (6mm) ID has never been easier. Now choose from a full array of up to 4 outlet/inlets. Larger nozzles are included and come in standard G-1/4 threading.
Jan 17, 2007Voltage Regulator Cooler for ASUS Mainboards
The VR-AS40-V06 is designed for VReg circuits on ASUS motherboards of standard spacing. Many new boards can utilize two of these, and in addition to northbridge cooling, eliminates the need for extensive (and less efficient) heatpipes without airflow available.
Nov 29, 20068800GTX/GTS GPU+RAM Cooler Coming
The Koolance "VID" series coolers for the 8800GTX/GTS should be available in January. Another announcement will be made at that time.
Nov 7, 2006HardOCP PC4-1020BK 1kW Series Review
With the ability to dial in the exact performance to noise ratio that suits your needs it would be hard not to find a Koolance PC4 configuration that works well for you. The PC4 series from Koolance is a solidly designed unit that delivers exactly what it promises and possible a bit more.
Oct 23, 2006Exos-2 Sale!
Koolance is celebrating 4 years since the first Exos system was launched. Now through the end of October, Exos-2 and Exos-2+ from are on sale.
Oct 23, 2006EHX-1050 Review at
It looks great in just about any installed configuration conceived for every possible use. The EHX should easily please the most avid user demanding results from their kit.
Oct 13, 2006INX3-1050 1kW Combo Kit Available
Combining an external triple 120mm radiator (EHX-1050) with a 5.25" bay reservoir and pump (RP-1000), the INX3-1050 includes everything needed to add 1000W of potential liquid cooling to a 3rd-party chassis. No cutting or drilling is required!
Oct 5, 2006Exos-2 LX Now Available
Tripling the coolant flow rate of the standard Exos-2, the "LX" version further increases external liquid cooling performance-- especially when using many different blocks and splitters. The Koolance Exos-2 LX utilizes the same pump as the PC4-1000 1kW systems.
Sep 26, 2006Single Pump ERM-3K4U1 (3kW) Version
Now available is an upgradeable version of the ERM-3K4U1 with a single pump. Additional pumps can be added as necessary (to a maximum of 5). Upgrade kits will be available from Koolance soon.
Sep 14, 2006Five Pump ERM-3K4U5 (3kW) Standalone Cooling System
It's powerful and self-contained, but not an Exos. With a total heat capacity of 3000W and five powerful pumps, the ERM-3K4U5 might be utilized to cool one CPU, or perhaps twenty.
Sep 14, 2006VID-200-L06 Cooler SLI Compatibility Update
The Koolance VID-200-L06 cooler is compatible with GeForce 7900GT, 7900GS, and 7950GT cards while using the SLI bridge connector (and has been since about May '06). Koolance's compatibility chart has been updated to reflect this revision.
Aug 28, 2013(Rev.2) RP-1000, PC4-1000 - Recall Notice
Koolance is notifying customers of a recall on the RP-1000 Rev.2 Reservoir and Pump (also used in PC4-1000 series systems) purchased between June 1, 2006 and September 12, 2006. This recall only affects Rev.2 versions of the RP-1000, which have a rear pump speed adjustment knob. If you have purchased this product within the specified time period, please visit for more information. Your product will be repaired at no charge.
Sep 11, 2006PC4-1025BK Review at
The Koolance PC4-1025 combines an advanced liquid cooling system with an elegant enclosure that is sure to please even the most demanding enthusiast. You will be hard pressed to build a more capable system from scratch. The PC4-1025 Liquid Cooling System delivers excellent performance, advanced features, and modern styling in a self-contained and easy to install system.
Sep 7, 2006Koolance Quick Disconnect Valves
Koolance has released a complete line of auto-shutoff quick disconnect valves. High quality construction and materials are used, consistent with similar products such as Koolance's hose splitters and adapters.
Aug 25, 2006VID-400-L06 Now Available
The VID-400-L06 GeForce 7950GX2 coolers are now available!
Aug 8, 2006New: PC4-1020 Systems
The PC4-1020BK (black) and PC4-1020SL (silver) include Koolance's best-performing liquid cooling system, in a lighter weight, less expensive chassis.
Aug 7, 2006Mount 1kW Externally
Missing out on 1000W of liquid cooling because you would like to keep your case? The Koolance EHX-1050 is a triple 120mm externally mounted radiator, intended for use with the Koolance 5.25" bay RP-1000 reservoir and pump.
Aug 7, 2006Koolance Thermal Management Software
Koolance's Thermal Management Software allows control of most Koolance systems within Windows XP (via a USB interface). Lots of new features have been added for the new Koolance PC4-1000 (rev.2) systems, including pump performance testing, speed control, and RPM reporting. The Koolance coolant flow meter can also be used with the TMS-100K.