VL3N Female Quick Disconnect No-Spill Coupling, for 13mm x 16mm (1/2in x 5/8in)

Part No. VL3N-F13S This product is archived and displayed for information only. It is no longer available for purchase. Released: 22 July 2009
ID: 13mm (1/2")
OD: 16mm (5/8")
Wall: 1.5mm (1/16")
Intended Tubing Size

Koolance patented quick disconnect no-spill coupling with automatic shutoff. 13mm (1/2in) ID female straight connection with compression fitting. It will only fit a Koolance VL3N male quick disconnect.

After a quarter twist, the quick-disconnect fittings will separate. Liquid on both sides will be automatically obstructed with approximately 0.2ml freed. Coolant volume lost upon disconnection will rise with internal pressure higher than 0.5kgf/cm2 (7psi). Maximum operating pressure is 2-2.5kgf/cm2 (28-35 psi). Maximum operating temperature is 90°C.

Weight 0.20 lb (0.09 kg)
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Diagram - vl3n_o0.gif

Liquid Coolants

Koolance's product warranty does not cover the use of 3rd-party coolants, coolant additives, or corrosion. Koolance LIQ-702 or LIQ-705 coolants are strongly recommended to help avoid issues with mixed metals or biological growth. Additionally, do not use aluminum with bare (unplated) copper or bare (unplated) brass in the same system. Do not use silver with nickel in the same system.