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Nov 15, 2013New DIY Liquid Cooling Kits!
Koolance's latest DIY kits offer enthusiast-level thermal performance with an all-in-one form factor. Select between a single-fan 30-FPI copper radiator, or a dual-fan sandwiched 30-FPI (Koolance XC series) copper radiator. All kits include the top-rated Koolance CPU-380 water block.
Nov 11, 2013Radeon R9 290/290X Water Block Now Available
Koolance's VID-AR290X for AMD Radeon R9 290 and 290X cards is now shipping!
Oct 25, 2013Koolance Releasing Block for Radeon R9 290X
Koolance will release a full coverage block for the AMD Radeon R9 290X soon. Customers can currently opt-in for an email notification once stock arrives. Photos and pricing will be available shortly before launch.
Oct 8, 2013Shorter Quick Connect Couplings
Koolance will begin shortening the length of QD3 and QD4 series quick connect couplings over the coming months. The shorter couplings will remain compatible with original-length QD3/QD4 fittings. Pricing and flow performance are also unchanged.

Shorter versions are being phased-in as earlier models become unavailable. They have new part numbers which include an "S". Below are some examples of original vs. new part numbers:

QD3-M10X13 => QD3-MS10X13
QD4-F13X19-BK => QD4-FS13X19-BK
Oct 1, 2013Product Recall of QD2-Fxx Fittings
Koolance is issuing a recall of three QD2 series female quick disconnect fittings for potential leaking issues while connected. Customers who have purchased these fittings within the indicated time frame are being emailed directly. Please visit here for additional details.
Aug 29, 2013Closed for Holiday on Sept. 2nd
Koolance will be closed for Labor Day on Monday, September 2nd. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Friday, Aug. 30th will be shipped on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd.
Aug 22, 2013New General-Purpose Cold Plates
Koolance has released three new multi-purpose cold plates for heat sources ranging from 25-50 mm/sq. All models use high efficiency copper microfins and a simple bracket (designed for easy fabrication and modification).
Aug 2, 2013Video Connecting Blocks Now Available
Koolance video block bridge connectors are now available for the VID-NXTTN (TITAN / GTX 780) and future water blocks.
Jul 24, 2013VID-NXTTN (TITAN/GTX 780) Install Video
LinusTechTips has posted an installation video for the Koolance VID-NXTTN video water block (NVIDIA TITAN/GTX 780).
Jul 15, 2013EXC-800 Chiller Now Available
Koolance's first sub-ambient portable chiller is rated at 800W, or 2730 BTU/hr (@25°C liquid & ambient). Chiller control is based on one of four configurable temperature methods, including the option to lock liquid to ambient for avoiding condensation, or to an external K-type thermocouple sensor (not included).
Jul 10, 2013Extra Thick High Fin Density Radiators Available
The new XC's are specially designed for being sandwiched between two rows of high speed fans. The new models are 54mm wide (2.1in) at the fins, and have a 30FPI fin density: HX-120XC, HX-240XC, HX-360XC.
Jul 2, 2013Holiday Closure July 4th
Koolance will be closed for Independence Day on Thursday, July 4th. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Wednesday, July 3rd will ship on Friday, July 5th.
Jun 7, 2013TMS-205 Gets Windows 8 Compatibility
The Koolance TMS-205 thermal management system now has Windows 8 compatibility with new beta software and drivers posted here.
May 24, 2013New *Black* Quick Disconnects
Koolance's quick disconnects are now available in black! Plated in RoHS-compliant black chrome, the most popular 13 models of the new QD3/QD4 series have been launched first.
May 23, 2013Closed Monday, May 27th
Koolance will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday, May 27th. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Friday, May 24th will be shipped on Tuesday, May 28th.
May 23, 2013CPU-380I Compatible with Intel LGA 1150
Koolance has confirmed compatibility with the CPU-380I water block and upcoming Intel socket LGA-1150 (Z87 / Haswell) processors.
May 23, 2013VID-NXTTN Compatible with Reference GTX 780
Koolance has confirmed compatibility with the VID-NXTTN water block and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 (original reference layout). A second hardware pack with alternate screws is now being supplied with the block.
Mar 18, 2013Koolance VID-NXTTN (TITAN) Block Now Available!
Koolance's full coverage VID-NXTTN for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN block is now available. An aluminum back plate is included.
Feb 27, 2013GTX TITAN Water Block Coming Soon!
Koolance will release a full coverage water block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN soon. Customers can currently opt-in for an email notification upon arrive. Pictures and pricing will be posted shortly before launch.
Feb 11, 201312V or 24V Speed Controller with Display
The CTR-CD1224 fan and pump controller with display will power 12V or 24V pumps. This includes all current Koolance models: PMP-300, PMP-400, PMP-450, PMP-450S, and PMP-500.
Jan 19, 2013New Quick Disconnects Launched!
Koolance has released a new generation of no-spill quick disconnect couplings. The QD2, QD3, and QD4 series provide easier "push" connection and disconnection by way of an outer locking ring. The new fittings have the same flow performance as earlier no-spill models, but add greater durability and more convenient attachment.
Dec 27, 2012New Years Holiday Closure
Koolance will be closed on Monday, 12/31 and Tuesday, 1/1.
Dec 20, 2012Holiday Closure
Koolance will be closed for the holidays on Monday, 12/24 and Tuesday, 12/25.
Dec 17, 2012Martin Reviews the PMP-500 Pump
The PMP-500 does most things outstandingly well. It has a great price, build quality, g1/4 barb compatibility, built in heat-sink, and about double the power of the PMP-450 all while actually getting smaller in size. The hydraulic performance is nothing short of amazing and can push through pretty much any build out there... King of 12V single pump performance.
Dec 12, 2012PureOC Reviews the CPU-380I
Astonishingly, the Koolance CPU-380 outperforms all of today’s top blocks in both single and dual pump configurations... Koolance’s CPU-380I is an all-around great water block that has a sleek and robust design... Overall there’s a lot to like about the Koolance CPU-380I.
Nov 19, 2012Koolance Closed Nov. 22-23
Koolance will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday on November 22nd and 23rd.
Aug 1, 2013New CPU-380 Water Blocks!
The new CPU-380I (Intel sockets) and CPU-380A (AMD sockets) are now available. The Koolance CPU-380 sets a new standard for manufacturing quality and thermal performance. From the microfin cold plate and flow path to the mounting hardware, every aspect of the block has been refined with unprecedented results.

See Stren's review here for performance results:

Highly Recommended - 10/10. The CPU-380 is an excellent block and performs at the very top of the group. It has good flow, and has good manufacturing quality. It feels solid and there is no reason not to give this the gold award in the roundup.

Sep 24, 2012New PMP-500 Pump
The Koolance PMP-500 offers a high flow rate (16L/min, 4.2 gal/min) and static head pressure (7.5m, 24.6ft) at just 12 Volts. It has native G 1/4 BSP threads for fittings and comes with a detachable mounting bracket.
Sep 12, 2012New 12V or 24V Speed Controller
The CTR-SPD1224 speed controller is a single unit which can adjust 12V pumps and fans or step-up voltage and throttle 24V pumps.
Aug 31, 2012Closed for Holiday on Sept. 3
Koolance will be closed for Labor Day on Sept. 3rd. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Friday, 8/31, will be shipped on Tuesday, 9/4.