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Aug 28, 2012RP-1200 and RP-1005 Rev.2.0 Update
The RP-1200 and RP-1005 have been updated to revision 2.0. Rear electrical connections have been improved, and the safety shutdown feature can now be configured as a normally-open or normally-closed relay. (For computer use, it should be left on normally-open.)
Jul 31, 2012Paypal Standard Available
For end-users with Paypal accounts, the Koolance web store now accepts Paypal Standard for most orders. Alternative payment methods include credit card (via Authorize or Paypal) and bank wire transfer. Bank transfer may be required for some purchases.
Jul 25, 2012Newegg Water Cooling Dos and Don'ts
Newegg has posted a video with Lee from showing off some nice custom systems with tips on building your own liquid cooled rig:

Jul 18, 2012ASUS Fusion Water Cooling Video
ASUS has posted a how-to video on water cooling the Maximus V Formula using its integrated Fusion Thermo components and the Koolance CPU-370 and Exos EX2-1055 cooling system.

Jul 13, 2012Copper Core 9x120mm Radiator Now Available
Koolance's largest heat exchanger in brass and copper is now available. This includes a steel outer casing with threaded mounting holes on both sides of the radiator. Mounting hardware for 25mm thick fans is included.
Jul 3, 2012Closed Wednesday, July 4th for Holiday
Koolance will be closed for Independence Day on Wednesday, July 4th.
Jun 29, 2012CPU-370 and CPU-370SI for ASUS Fusion Thermo
Koolance CPU-370 and CPU-370SI water blocks have been approved by ASUS for ROG Fusion Thermo cooling.

May 25, 2012Closed Monday, May 28th for Holiday
Koolance will be closed for holiday on Monday, May 28th.
May 21, 2012Full Coverage Block for GTX 690 Now Shipping!
Our VID-NX690 water block for the GTX 690 is now shipping.
May 7, 2012Save $18 on Radeon 7970 Water Blocks!
The Koolance VID-AR797 water block is currently on sale for $18 off.
May 4, 2012Full Coverage Block for the GeForce GTX 690
The Koolance VID-NX690 is currently being developed for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 video card. Availability is expected later this month. Customers can currently opt for notification to receive an email when the first shipment arrives. Pricing and photos will be posted closer to launch.
Apr 17, 2012Koolance Forums Back Online
The Koolance web forums are available again.
Apr 12, 2012Welcome to our New Website
We are pleased to present our new website format! Please excuse any errors you encounter as we continue working on them (any issues can be reported to our Website Dept.).

Several new website features are now available, including USPS shipping (currently limited to orders under 4 pounds), wishlists, product comparisons, and a streamlined RMA process. We expect to add many new additions over the coming weeks!
Apr 1, 2012Koolance VID-NX680 Now Available
Koolance's full coverage block for NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 680 is now shipping.
Mar 21, 2012Koolance VID-NX680 for NVIDIA GTX 680 Coming Soon!
Koolance's new full coverage block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is expected soon. Pricing and pictures will be posted shortly before launch.
Feb 27, 2012CPU-370SA and CPU-370SI Water Blocks Now Available!
Koolance has released new lighter weight, lower cost versions of the high performance CPU-370 water block: CPU-370SA (for AMD sockets), and CPU-370SI (for Intel sockets).
Apr 9, 2012RP Pump+Reservoir Units Now CE Certified
Koolance models RP-985, RP-1005, and RP-1200 products are now CE certified.
Jan 20, 2012Weather Conditions May Delay UPS Shipments
Due to severe winter weather in the Pacific Northwest, some shipments might be delayed while in transit. Weather is expected to improve this weekend.
Jan 8, 2012VID-AR797 for Radeon HD 7970 Coming Soon
The Koolance full coverage VID-AR797 for the Radeon HD 7970 video card is expected next week. Currently, customers can opt in for an email notification once stock arrives. Pricing should be posted shortly.
Dec 19, 2011MB-ASSTX79 Block for ASUS Sabertooth X79
The Koolance MB-ASSTX79 full coverage block for the ASUS Sabertooth X79 is now available.
Dec 18, 2011New Koolance Swiveling Fittings
Multi-segmented swiveling fittings are now available from Koolance in 30, 60, and 90 degrees.
Dec 15, 201110mm (3/8in) ID x 16mm (5/8in) OD Koolance UV Tubing Now Available
Extra flexible, clear UV-reactive PVC tubing is now available from Koolance in 10mm (3/8in) ID x 16mm (5/8in) OD size.
Dec 5, 2011SSL Certificate Updated
A new website SSL certificate has been installed. Please contact the Koolance web department if any issues remain during login or checkout.
Nov 21, 2011MB-ASR4E Block for ASUS Rampage IV Extreme
The Koolance MB-ASR4E full coverage block for the ASUS Rampage IV Extreme (X79 chipset) is due next week! Customers can opt-in for email notification on stock arrival here. Photos and pricing will be posted as soon as possible.
Nov 14, 2011Koolance Announces Socket LGA 2011 Compatibility
The Koolance CPU-370 water block now includes additional mounting posts for socket LGA 2011 (x79) compatibility. For existing customers, these posts can be purchased separately.
Nov 14, 201113mm (1/2in) ID x 19mm (3/4in) OD Koolance UV Tubing Now Available
Extra flexible, clear UV-reactive PVC tubing is now available from Koolance in 13mm (1/2in) ID x 19mm (3/4in) OD size.
Oct 6, 2011RP-1200 Now Available
The new 5.25" bay reservoir and pump combo includes Koolance's latest VFD dot matrix display, providing options like a dynamic fan ramp and flow meter feedback.
Sep 28, 2011Koolance Announces CE Certification of Cooling Systems
ERM-3K3U, EX2-1055, EX2-755, and EXT-440 cooling systems are now CE certified. Certificate copies are available here.
Sep 20, 2011Customers with VL3N/VL4N Quick Disconnect Problems
A problem has been found with some VL3N and VL4N quick disconnects which can prevent the male or female sides from fully sealing when separated (disconnected). Further details have been posted here. For customers who have encountered this problem, please submit an RMA request to get them exchanged.
Sep 1, 2011CTR-CD12 Controller With Display Now Available
The CTR-CD12 is a pump and fan speed controller and temperature monitoring unit in a 5.25" drive bay profile. This unit incorporates all-new Koolance electronics, with a 2-line VFD dot matrix display for deeper user control and feedback.