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Nov 18, 2015Koolance Rigid Tube Fittings
Koolance now offers straight and elbow fittings for acrylic & PETG tubing. All models have triple internal o-rings to improve sealing reliability.
Nov 13, 2015QD1H Quick Disconnects Available
Koolance has launched a new QD1H no-spill quick disconnect series for 1/8 inch (3mm) ID tubing.
Aug 5, 2015Intel Skylake CPU Support
The Koolance CPU-380I is expected to remain compatible with Intel's new Skylake processor. Skylake's socket LGA1151 uses the same cooler mounting pattern as LGA1150.
Jun 3, 2015GeForce GTX 980 Ti Compatibility
Koolance has confirmed the VID-NXTTNX water block and optional back plate are compatible with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card.
Apr 15, 2015Titan X Water Block and Back Plate Now Available
Koolance's water blocks and back plates for Titan X are now shipping.
Mar 26, 2015VID-NXTTNX for Titan X Video Cards Coming Soon
Koolance's water block for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan X will be available soon. Photos and pricing will be updated shortly before launch. Customers can currently opt-in for an email notification upon stock arrival.
Mar 11, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the Koolance VID-NX980
Koolance's full coverage block for the NVIDIA GTX 980 was reviewed by Stren:

A very good performance... Honestly the best quality block I’ve ever seen from Koolance.
Feb 2, 2015Xtreme Rigs Reviews the RP-452X2 Bay Reservoir
Xtreme Rigs reviews Koolance's popular and reliable RP-452X2 single/dual pump reservoir:

This is the best dual D5 pump/reservoir combo that we’ve ever seen. The quality and flexibility are amazing... If you need something like this then this is the best choice.

Jan 20, 2015Koolance Releases Compact Chiller EXC-450
Koolance's EXC-450 is an extremely compact (6in x 8in x 21in, or 152mm x 203mm x 533mm) portable recirculating liquid chiller rated at 450W, or 1535 BTU/hr @25°C liquid & ambient. Power input is 24VDC, for which Koolance will soon be offering a separate AC adapter kit.
Jan 9, 2015GPU-220 Revision 2
The GPU-220 water block has been updated with new mounting hardware, supporting higher contact pressure and improving heat transfer.
Dec 8, 2014December Stock Delays
Several inbound shipments have been delayed by the U.S. Pacific Coast port labor slow-down. Estimated arrival dates for out-of-stock products are being adjusted on a daily basis as new information arrives. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Jan 5, 2015Holiday Deals!
For a limited time, a select list of Koolance products are on sale for the holiday season.
Dec 9, Reviews a Koolance Kit has reviewed an easy, low-cost kit from Koolance featuring the CPU-380I, PMP-300 pump and reservoir, and HX-CU420V radiator (translated):

The performance was better than expected, and this little cooler fought a good fight to keep my 5820K cool under pressure... The price is in my view absolutely fair, because you really do get what you pay for. Quality across the board. Koolance has proven their worth, and they have done it with style. Therefore, I can not do anything but give the system here today 9.5 + one Editor's Choice Award.

Oct 29, 2014Koolance Launches the HD-70 for 2.5-inch Hard Drives
The HD-70 is a double-sided water block for cooling one or two 2.5-inch (SSD and notebook) size hard drives.
Oct 22, 2014Proclockers Reviews INS-FM18D Flow Meter
The Koolance INS-FM18D flow meter with display has been reviewed by Proclockers:

The Koolance INS-FM18D Coolant Flow Meter with Display is [a] simple and effective tool... It is also small enough to fit just about anywhere... We will be adding it to our tool set for future water cooling testing.
Oct 10, 2014VID-NX980 Does Not Include Back Plate
A typo on the item description for VID-NX980 has now been fixed. This water block does NOT include a back plate. It's designed to use the stock back plate (when included) with the GTX 980 video card. The installation manual for this product can be downloaded under the "Files" tab here.
Oct 9, 2014VID-NX980 Water Blocks Now Available
Koolance's blocks for the GTX 980 are now in stock.
Sep 22, 2014GTX 980 Water Block Coming Soon
Koolance's VID-NX980 for the NVIDIA GTX 980 video card will be available soon. Customers can currently opt-in for a notification via email when stock arrives.
Sep 16, 2014Haswell-E / X99 Compatibility
Koolance confirms compatibility with the CPU-380I and socket 2011-v3 used for Haswell-E and the X99 chipset.
Sep 4, 2014Koolance Launches NPT Quick Disconnects
Tapered thread NPT quick connect couplings have been added to Koolance's QD3 series. QD2 and QD4 will also be getting NPT threaded models.
Aug 8, 2014Radeon 295X2 Water Blocks on Sale!
Koolance's VID-AR295X2 water block is currently on sale for $50 off retail.
Apr 28, 2014Koolance Releases R9 295X2 Full Coverage Block
Koolance's VID-AR295X2 is a full coverage water block for AMD's dual-GPU Radeon R9 295X2 video card. Unlike the stock cooler, memory and VRM chips are also cooled with water. VID-AR295X2 is compatible with Koolance's bridge connectors for multi-card configurations.
Feb 26, 2014NVIDIA TITAN Black Compatibility
Koolance has confirmed compatibility with its VID-NXTTN2 full coverage water block and the NVIDIA TITAN Black reference video card layout.
Dec 30, 2013Closed Dec. 31-Jan. 1
Koolance will be closed Dec. 31 through Jan. 1 for the holidays. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Monday, Dec. 30th will ship on Thursday, Jan 2nd.
Dec 26, 2013Koolance Launches GTX 780 Ti Support
Koolance's full coverage block for the GTX 780 Ti is now available. VID-NXTTN2 is functionally identical to VID-NXTTN, but adds compatibility for the GTX 780 Ti.
Dec 23, 2013Closed Dec. 24-25
Koolance will be closed Dec. 24-25 for the holidays. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Monday, Dec. 23rd will ship on Thursday, Dec. 26th.
Dec 19, 2013NVIDIA Full Coverage Video Blocks on Sale
Koolance VID-NXTTN (NVIDIA TITAN and GTX 780) and VID-NX680 (GTX 680) video cards are currently on sale.
Dec 11, 2013VID-AR290X Updated to Revision 1.1
VID-AR290X (for R9 290/290X) has been updated to Rev.1.1. The update reflects a reduction in the acetal footprint to decrease the chances for component conflicts on future video boards. No changes were made to the cooling areas or internal design of the water block.
Nov 27, 2013Closed for Holiday
Koolance will be closed for Thanksgiving on Nov. 28-29. Orders placed after 12PM Pacific on Wed., Nov. 27th will be shipped on Mon., Dec. 2nd.
Dec 19, 2013GTX 780 Ti Support Coming
Over the coming weeks, Koolance will modify VID-NXTTN (TITAN and GTX 780) full coverage water block to add support for GTX 780 Ti.