VID-400-L06 Water Block (NVIDIA GeForce 7950GX2 Video Card) [06mm, 1/4in]

Part No. VID-400-L06 This product is archived and displayed for information only. It is no longer available for purchase. Released: 24 August 2006
ID: 6mm (1/4")
OD: 10mm (3/8")
Wall: 2mm (5/64")
Intended Tubing Size

The VID-400-L06 consists of two separate dedicated GPU and memory coolers for GeForce 7950GX2 video cards. Two VID-400-L06 will function in "quad" SLI configurations. Each half is capable of absorbing heat of up to 200W, for a combined total of 400W for the entire cooler assembly.

There are four fittings total, each with 360-degrees of rotation for maximum flexibility. The coolers combine gold-plated high density solid copper chipset coolers, and anodized aluminum memory and control chip coolers.

Weight 1.40 lb (0.64 kg)
Wetted Materials Gold-Plated Copper, Engineering Resin, Silicone, Anodized Aluminum, Nickel-Plated Brass

Liquid Coolants

Koolance's product warranty does not cover the use of 3rd-party coolants, coolant additives, or corrosion. Koolance LIQ-702 or LIQ-705 coolants are strongly recommended to help avoid issues with mixed metals or biological growth. Additionally, do not use aluminum with bare (unplated) copper or bare (unplated) brass in the same system. Do not use silver with nickel in the same system.